Monday, January 16, 2006

Saturday Night Fun

Sure had a fun time at Beth's bowling bash this past Saturday night. I
was playing so shitty the first game and then I finally starting
rolling some strikes and spares into the second game. But then after
the 4th frame we hit over prepaid limit and the fuckers cut off our
game. I was so bummed. Just when I was kicking ass. Beth totally cracked me up with her "Trot & Hop" prior to tossing the ball down on to the wooden lane. Some pics of the
festivities - never mind the blurriness and odd coloration. Me & My
Husband and Me w/ the Queen Bee.
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

We also put our house up for sale this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed it sells quickly! :)

That middle pic looked much better on your phone (of me, you look great). Chins, anyone?
I love the sex kitten look you're giving us in the second pic!

Looks like you all had fun!
God, I love those pictures.
You're both so adorable!

And I'm glad you had fun!

Tell your husband I'm intimidated by him, though. He has a great "ass-beater" stare going on.
Yep you got some nice pics there so i stole one of your pics and played a litle with it!!!
I just noticed this... I think every bowling lane in the U.S. has the same "blue puke" carpetting... I swear!
Blue with stars and swirlys and zigzags and shit? Yeah, you're probably right.

And you should be intimidated by her hubby, he is a notorious Ass-Buster! And you should SEE him dance, it's awesome!
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