Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Rock'N'Roll Express

I was reading Bee's post and remembered a t-shirt I wore with love and pride as a tween. It said "My Heart Belongs To Ricky Morton". Ricky Morton was 1/2 of the dynamic wrestling tag team "The Rock 'n Roll Express". They were very 80's and wore bandanas all over their legs. They entered the arena hopping and jiggiling to "Your Momma Don't Dance (and Your Daddy Don't Rock N Roll)". They always made a hand gesture lowering their ring & middle fingers and my brother and I just thought they were IT. My brother even made his friend dress up as Ricky Morton's partner and he dressed up as Ricky for halloween one year. I have the video to prove it.
So upon reading Bee's post and remembering this childish infatuation I had - I googled Ricky Morton and lo and behold, he has a poorly maintained "official" website complete with bad photographs. I looked at him and said, "Eek. That is one helluva mullet."
Ah. What you see through the eyes of youth, right? Well, in 1984, mullets were cool. And I had a thing for blonde men (Hello, Bo Duke.) What I find so interesting about these couples from the 80's is that the women's hair and the men's hair always matches. They both look very poofy with AquaNet hairspray and peroxide. Also, while perusing these grainy photographs I noticed that his partner, Robert Gibson, always seems to be physically leaning on Ricky as if he can't stand on his own. Not a good sign for a wrestler.

Tonight on TV:
2 episodes of Scrubs! Yay! Unfortunately it comes on at the same time as Supernatural which guest stars Julie Benz (Darla) so I'll have to tape that. And then Boston Legal. And if the previews are to be trusted, I will need to place my box of Kleenex beside me.

i almost forgot to set my vcr (a what?) for scrubs. i owe you big crystal
Uh..... those guys are scary. Even for 80's.

You liked that? You poor, poor child.

Aren't you glad Angelus could TOTALLY kick their mullett asses?
OMG. Look at those GLORIOUS Mulletts! They should have had their own agents (in fact, they probably DID).

I remember my elementry school crush, Daniel Watson, LOVED R & R Xpress and would always come to school with bandanas around is pants legs. Except we're in the deep south so of course the bandanas were Confederate Flags. I'm sure Ricky Morton wouldn't have minded a little artistic lisence.

I TiVo'd everything last night, because I am deep into building a new magic deck, and will not be satisfied until I can kick my own ass with it.

Love ya!
Yeah..that is SUPER MULLET, for sure! It's also amazing to me how many people watched wrestling as children. I still remember the days of Junkyard Dog and The Iron Sheik.

Good times.
Shan, did you have the album? All of the wrestlers made an album including the Iron Shiek and the Junkyard Dog. Of course, Hulk Hogan was the star then. I can't remember what songs they sang. I bet my brother knows.
Ahhh, the mullet. What can I say about the mullet? Hmmm, nothing really!

That's a good look for that guy.
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