Monday, January 09, 2006

Recap & Color Play

This weekend was devoted to work (as they almost always seem to be). Hubby and I cleaned out an enormous amount of stuff from our garage and attic. It seems crazy that humans can collect so much stuff. I did find a bit of time Sunday morning to pull out my season 1 of Angel and watch a couple of episodes. I realized for the first time that the group of vampires killed in the teaser of the very first episodes is lead by none other than Josh Holloway (aka Sawyer on Lost)and he is credited as "Good Looking Guy" ~ that cracked me up. But of course, now that I've been watching season 1 again, I can't stop thinking about it. I'm trying desperately to remember all the things I want to of seasons 2, 3 & 4 but I've only seen them once and it's been awhile. I REALLY need to get those dvds. I wonder if I'll ever get over my Buffy and Angel obsession. Actually, I hope not because as weird as it may seem to some of you - I get immense pleasure out of it.
I've been trying to play around with my Adobe InDesign CS program. I want to learn more about to blend photos and texturize them. I have also been trying to play around with color tones. What do you think of these?
Bright Light
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Devil Crystal
Image hosted by

Magenta Hints
Image hosted by

Did I just read 'Josh Holloway aka Sawyer'? Sawyer is coooool :D
I like hte devil crystal picture :D, you really look devil-ish with those red eyes :D
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Coool pic !!!!
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