Thursday, January 26, 2006


To prove that my boobs aren't ginormous. A more loose fitting top (& straight out of the shower w/ unbrushed hair)
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So, last night I showed my house to the first potential buyer and she's
making me an offer today. She's been burned already - put an offer on a
house and lost it so I'm hoping that scares her into making me a full
or close-to-full offer. Keep those fingers crossed!

all i hear is 'blah, blah, blah...huge boobs'. hehe
You have nice boobs be proud of them! speaking of boobs how is Angel doing? J/K

Glad to hear you got an offer on the house. can't wait for you to be living closer to me!
Shut UP Darin! She can't leave meeeeeee!!!!
Ah yes, but Darin you saw them when they were much smaller and perkier. Gaining weight is hard on the boobs.

Bee, I'll never leave you. You're coming with me, didn't you know? I've made up a nice little cot for you in the attic. The birds flying in and out won't bother you much and I've got you those nice little foam earplugs for when Hubby & I have sex.
I should be used to Attics by now!
what ever you do bee, just come home early, otherwise you'll need more than just
thashould be DON'T come home early
I dunno, they still look VERY well-proportioned to me.

And when I say "well-proportioned", I mean huge. Squeezably huge. Yyyeeeaaahhh.

By the by, I'm taking Bethie, so that's the end of whatever argument you three are having!
Oh yeah! I almost forgot our diabolical plans to make me Midwestern!

you'll be sayin' 'dontcha know' in no time!
Thank you for sharing your boobs (ginormous or not) with us.

Mmmm.... slayer knockers!

Bee, ignore Adam. If you EVER say that, I'll have to take you to my room and punish you.

Try not to think of that as an incentive, "don'tchaknow" really does make you sound dumb.

Maybe I'll just take you to my room and punish you anyway.
Oh Please. I would have you guys saying "Ya'll" before THAT Shit ever happened.

Punished? But I've been so good!
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