Friday, January 13, 2006

New Things

I tried to venture outside of my normal style of headers today and create a round one. I like the way it turned out - for my first one. I really need to tackle more issues with this InDesign CS. I would like to know how to seperate foreground and background attributes in a photo. (if anyone knows, give me a hint please!)
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My husband comes home tonight. This pleases me. Although I can tell I'm going to start pms'ing (the tell-tale signs of my body) so I hope tomorrow morning I don't feel differently. Our plans for the weekend? I'll give ya three guesses. Work on the house. Just a few finishing touches to be put on the inside of the house, get the carpets steam cleaned and a bit more yard work and it'll be complete and ready for a new buyer. But there is fun on the horizon. Bee's bowling birthday bash Saturday night. Hubby is bringing our bowling shoes home so we'll be ready. Watch out Bee ~ CrystalPistol is going to knock 'em out!

get it? bowling joke.

Ash told me you're a fearsome good bowler, I'll have to bring my A-game! Which equates to everyone else's D-Game, but what the hell! It's not about the sport, really.

It's about sticking your fingers in a ball where many, many fingers have been before.
LOL!! I'm not that good. A little less than average.

Ah yes, the finger holes. So dirty ~ it's almost scandalous! grrrar!
I avoid that as much as possible by using only my middle finger and putting monster spin on the ball. I now possess a ridiculous curve that gets about 1:3 strikes... and a helluva dexterous finger.


[EDIT] Hahaha word ver: upjma
"You pajama! I pajama! We pajama!"

I think that should be a new sexual euphemism, i.e., I wanna pajama Bee.
Let's not cause any undue Eye Rolling!!! pajama, to be pajamed(?), sounds fantastic.
P.S. Crystal now knows what an Abysmal bowler I am, but it's totally fun! I hop down the lane, throw my ball, and then I 'Beyonce'!

You're actually quite good Crystal, although I think Tony and Tara showed us all how it's done. They were like, Takin' it to The Streets!

And yes, we SHOULD have gotten the 'pointing at balls' picture!
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