Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Life Changes

I feel so sad for the family of those poor miners. You wonder why men are willing to do those jobs. It's so dangerous and they have such horrible health conditions from it. But then you figure, there probably isn't much else work to do and they've been miners for generations.

My best friend and ex-roomie, Darin (aka Monkeyboy) called me last night to tell me that he asked his girlfriend to marry him and that she said yes. And not only that but he has a truck! My world no longer exists as I knew it. The edges of reality are blurring.

I saw Darin date - but I never saw him drive so him having a truck seems even stranger to me than the confirmed bachelor getting engaged. I'm so happy that he's happy. I really am. But it worries me a bit. My first reaction is of course, no one is good enough for my Darin. He's got the biggest heart of any person I know (other than my Aunt Cici). I've never met Sandy (that's her name - of course I love that - Sandy Olsen? Hello!). Will she accept mine & Darin's relationship for what it is? When a male and female have a close, intimate relationship it often is not taken well by new lovers. Not that my intimate relationship is inappropriate (intimate does not equal sexual gutter brains!)

But Darin and I have always had a very huggy, touchy relationship. We talk about anything and everything from sex to politics. My husband is cool with it because Darin introduced us and we were all friends prior to my husband and I dating. But how will this new woman in Darin's life take me and my friendship with Darin? Will it be threatened? Will it be forced to change? Will I be able to just phone him anytime I want and chat? My mind is heavy. Me & Darin: Image hosted by

On a lighter note, Scrubs was on last night. The first half of the first ep kinda dragged but it picked up quick. JD running around in his underwear will never fail to make me laugh. Donald Faison has lost some weight! And I'm LOVING his facial hair!

This is what I see when I first wake up:
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This is what Lucy wants to do CONSTANTLY:
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My favorite picture of Lucy as a pup:
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Hey Girl!

Long time no blog, huh? Well at least on my part...

Nice theme of the day!
Thank you for the congrats, Sandy knows about our freindship, and I don't think she will have any problem with us remaining freinds. She understands that men and womens can be close friends with out it being romantic.
You are so lucky having such a good friendship in your life.. Well its natural for Sandy to feel a little jealous,but once she understands she can have no problem.. Maybe you three can hang out together..Show her you're a nice person and she'll want to be friends with you too!
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