Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Goodmorning All

First off, let me say I'm extremely pleased with my latest header. I know it's simple and I'm such a novice but it's very pleasing to my eye. I like the coloring and it's "dark" which is exactly what I wanted for Spike's obsession. I heard that song (Obsession) the other day and couldn't get the idea of this header out of my head. To me, this defines the B/S relationship.

Last year sometime I heard Jem's "Save Me" on a promo for a tv show and instantly loved it so I soon downloaded it along with a handful of her other songs. But for some odd reason, I just never got around to listening to them. Last week, I did some massive burning of mp3's (trying to clean off my hard drive here at work) and I have been TOTALLY loving my Jem tracks. I think I'm going to have to buy her cds because I'd like to have all of her music now. Although JEM to me, will always be Jem & The Holograms. I'll have to call this Jem - Jem2.

I spent the weekend in Greenville, unpacking my house there and getting it ready for my family coming to visit. I called in sick yesterday so I could finish and I did. I'm quite tired but feel relieved. I'm glad it's done. Though I mysteriously lost a box. I can't find my spices & olive oil. I don't know what could have happened to that box of food. It's frustrating me.
I have 2 appointments to show my house that I'm trying to sell. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Last night I caught "John Adams" on American Experience on ETV. I have always been fascinated by the biographies of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson and how interwoven their stories are. I love Revolutionary era history anyway but these two particular men are especially compelling - in their passions, their differences and their mutual love/hate relationship.

You want Angel: Seasons 2-4 in the mail or when I visit my baby snookie-pie in March?


You're awesome!
well, I don't want to be too picky.

ah hell. who am i kidding? me with 5 wishlists. the sooner the better!
i like the two jems too. if i could combine the new chick's voice with the cartoon i think i'd be in 80' child mastabatory heaven. the real life group was introduced to me through the trailer for the flick 'closer'(that was the name of the song- do you have that one?). i'd always seen the disc but never bothered. shows me i guess.
I love the new look Crystal!
I haven't talked to you since saturday and I'm having withdraaaaaawls!!!!

bobi - baby snookie-pie? Are you serious? Couldn't I have a sexy nickname? Like sugar tits?
Bee- What about that private nickname I have for you? It's silly, yeah, but I like it. Kinda like how Mrs. Weasley likes Mr. Weasley to call her "Mollywobbles" when they're alone, neh?

If you want, in front of Crystal and Ashley, I could call you, "Slave To My Cock"... how's that?

Adam, I hear ya. I love cartoon Jem's voice too though. It was provided by one Britta Phillips. She starred in a movie with Julia Roberts & Justine Bateman called Satisfaction. A bomb of a movie that I just adored as a tween. It's about a girl-band.

I have a Jem song called Come on Closer. I'm going to upload them today. I'll link for you.
Oh I love your little nickname for me. ::blushes::

"Slave to your cock" may need some work though.

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