Thursday, January 19, 2006

Another Blog To Read

My favorite Buffy writer, Jane Espenson, has a new blog and I'm uberly excited!
"Writing for Buffy was unusual among TV writing jobs, in that it actually results in writers -- not just performers -- having fans. This is, I must say, lovely."
I've linked it on the right. Read it bitches!
Last night I dreamed I had sex with Jack from Lost. It wasn't a Lost-related dream though it had very outdoorsy, interesting sets. I've never particularly lusted over Matthew Fox but the dream was great nonetheless. I guess because he was the focus of last night's episode and I was thinking about his character prior to going to sleep. I always swear when the show goes off that I'm going to stop watching it and then, come Wednesday and I'm sitting there at 9 pm on the dot. I'm all talk.

Odd you should mention that dream. I was finding Jack particularly nummy last night as well, and you know I don't even like Jack!

It was so good to have my Sawyer back! I sooooo wish you could have seen me and Tara, sitting in the dark, clutching a blanket and screaming our heads off like a couple of bitches.

I'm adding that blog! I love her!
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