Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Setting the Record Straight

I think most guys are under the impression that women always go for the bad guys or the guys that treat the girls like shit.

Well, I'm here to tell you that some girls go for the good guy. I've always been more for Blaine than Jack. The good guy who takes care of his family and stops to pick up dogs that are running beside the road - get me every time. Soft, sweet and sensitive (but not a momma's boy) yet manly, industrious and geeky.

I have a christmas gripe.

A few years back people complained and complained that It's A Wonderful Life was shown too much during the holidays therefore making it being shown only once during the season.

However, now, A Christmas Story (which I love) is shown like 50 gazillion times. That's not fair. Plus, I think TMC has shown Holiday Inn 5 times already.

i have thoughts on the "bad" boy phenomenon. i would say generally it is younger women that go for the bad boys and as women get older they realise the good boys makes for a better mate. i am sure this is not always the case but is a good rule of thumb. christmas story is a super movie, i remember seeing it in the theater. i like a wonderful life a little but most of the time it just pisses me off. i do not care for holiday in at all. i think that if forced to pick my favorite christmas movie i would have to go with die hard. merry christmas and yippe kye yeah mother ******!
I'm 20 and I like the good guy too.. Its good sense not to go for the baddie...But the guy HAS to be funny...Thats the ultimate prerequisite :)
Nice blog..
You like Zander? He's cute.. He looks to be a good guy :)
The impression you speak of merely arises from rejection after rejection and the subsequent development of bitterness when we can't get shit started, but the assholes who seem to have three girlfriends a week get... well, three girlfriends a week. They're not as funny or intelligent and usually not as useful as us... but they get the women. And it pisses the rest of us off.

Especially when everybody and their mom tells you, "Oh, you're awesome for reasons X, Y, Z... but we wouldn't work out."

Sorry to vent, just gets under my skin, ya know?

Merry Christmas! Don't shoot your eye out!
those assholes are usually highly self-confident.
bingo pistol self confidence is the key.
I LOVE Christmas Story.... they could show that in the dog-days of summer and I would watch. My question is why the hell is FX showing Daddy Day Care all day on Christmas???
You know, I've almost always gone for the bad boy. And just look where it's gotten me! Divorced with bad credit! Which Is why I now love geek boys.

Merry Xmas, darling. And yes, it is "X"mas to me and always will be. I hope you, Hubby, and girls have a happy holiday, and get many shiny gifts.

Love ya!
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