Friday, December 16, 2005

Self Portrait Friday

I never am able to participate in self portrait wed but i had these photos so I'm making it self portrait friday. I tried to manipulate the colors a bit but the overall quality of the photos isn't the best so....

BTW, I'm opening back up guest commenting because my best friend never comments because I have that blocked. Why he won't just sign up for an account is beyond me.

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Crystal looks like she's trying to keep warm!

Love ya! Call me!
She looks like she's trying to stay warm and lure you into the sack at the same time! Go on wit'ch your bad self!
you look very cute in the sweater. Dane approves
Lovely as usual. I keep trying to get a blogger account going but I keep getting errors trying to load it.

Love Ya Hunny!

i love the big red button that your coat buttons up with, and your glasses, and your pretty blonde hair
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