Friday, December 02, 2005

Quick Post

Even though I didn't really have anything to say, I wanted to make a post because it's going to be awhile before I can post again. So, random thoughts.

My favorite DJ played a clip from one of my all-time favorite movies; Planes, Trains & Automobiles. Just thinking about this movie cracks me up. My favorite line? When scary redneck tells John Candy, "Her baby came out sideways and she didn't scream or nothin." And John Candy says jovially, "Really? Well, isn't that something? You're a real trooper!" If you could see my face right now, I'm grinning from ear to ear just imagining it. I tried to win the radio contest by identifying the movie when they played the clip but cell phones are NOT good for that. They take too long to connect.

This morning they played a Spongebob clip. My favorite Spongebob episode is when he goes to school and the bully wants to kick his butt. Very funny. And my Spongebob seat covers in my car? Totally worth the $8 I spent at the garage sale for them.

I don't like the bumper stickers that say,
One Man Can Make A Difference.
Jesus Did.
Yeah, because you know you can compare yourself to the Messiah who peformed miracles and all! *note: sarcasm*

So, I'm off to do actual work. Yay! *note: sarcasm* In case I don't see you again, Goodafternoon, goodevening & goodnight!


P.S. (can you ps a post? well I'm going to anyway.) Have you seen the previews for Jim Carrey's Fun with Dick & Jane? That's on my must-see list.

Check out my model: the most beautiful dog in the world
this one says, "Get out of my face"
Image hosted by

this one says, "I want to sleep!"
Image hosted by

this one says, "Did you say 'ball'?"
Image hosted by

this one says, "Ooh. I think I heard Dad go into the fridge!"
Image hosted by

Neat interview with James Marsters with behind-the-scenes comments about Buffy & Angel.

HA!! I'm the first! You made me laugh with what you said about the bumper sticker! I haven't seen that one yet.
I'll have to see that movie with John Candy...It sounds hilarious!

The 3rd photo of your dog is possibly the cutest/funniest thing I've seen!

Hope to talk to ya soon!!
That new profile picture of you is so fucking gorgeous.

Go head girl, go head, get down!
yay! James marsters, awesome interview, wish I'd get the rag out and watch Smallville.
a quick post?? hahaha, but that doesn't matter ;), a long post is goooooooooooooooooood :D
What a cute dog!!!!!!! I want the same one!! Or at least one who looks the same!! So cute!!
the rag out? is that a canadian slang for tv?
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