Thursday, December 01, 2005

My Stuff on Ebay

I have two dresses on Ebay. Buy them. Or make someone else buy them.

Well, I've always wanted a nice dress for certain occasions...

Dammit, you're not a size 10, are you?

Oh well.

Oh yeah, his name is Tom, but he signs everything as Doug and Gary. Or Gary and Ed. or Doug and Ed. Or Fran and Ethel. Or his brother, Marty.
WTF: Dirty Dog at Target?!

We sell dogs?!
I'm not very good at buying dresses, because I think they make my hips look to big. And no matter what my mother says, I do not look cute in a mini-skirt.

PS: BOBI, the random quality of your comments today make me both nervous, and entertained.
Bobi said "Dammit, you're not a size 10, are you?"

Is a size 10 good or bad? I'm confused by your comment
Uh.... i really don't wanna wear THOSE dresses or ANY dress for that matter, Nothing personal... they are pretty enough.... but quite honestly.... I'm to hippy for those.
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