Thursday, December 08, 2005


I recently watched The Wish again and that episode makes me feel so sad. It's awful to seeing Buffy not caring for Angel or the Scooby gang and to see them all killing each other. Ack. On the other hand, the music is great , the slow motion action scene is really well balanced and edited. Not to mention, the introduction of Anya and Willow & Xander vamps were quite hot. They make her & Xander seem so devoted to each other in this ep yet they break that all up in Dopplegangland. I wish they hadn't. ( Oops, I shouldn't have said 'wish', huh?) Anyway, I walk away from it with a heavy heart.

Last night I got to babysit my cutie nephew, Lucas who just adores my dogs. He and Lucy Lulu played together for a solid hour. It was adorable. Now, if only I could get him to say, "Aunt Crystal."

So, I've become addicted to those fan-made videos of the Buffy/Angel verse. I would love to play around trying to make one but I lack all the proper technology. I wish someone would make one using the song "Precious" by Depeche Mode. That song totally has me! Also, "Wicked Lil Girls" by Estero would be great to use for a Buffy/Faith vid since Faith is always trying to steal Buffy's man. Anyway, if you'd like to enjoy the vids here are some that I particularly enjoy. Stormwolfe's are edited very well and Avenue Potter is a Buffy/Angel shipper so I'm particularly fond of hers.

Well, unfortunately I can't relate too much with this post. I like Buffy, but unfortunately not like you! You are a true fan of this sci-fi cult phenomenon! I am just a from time to time viewer.

How old is your cousin?

And yet you still leave me a nice big response anyway! *HUG* What a nice blogger buddy you are! :)
"The Wish" is a good episode, indeed. I watched "To Shanshu in LA" the other day and it game me fuzzies.

Oh, I meant to tell you how much I like your ever-changing title bar. Very cool, Crystal. Very cool.
You like that I change it often? Good! I'm glad someone doesn't mind. I think it usually irritates people that I "re-decorate" so often.
The Wish is ONLY one of the coolest episodes ever. To see Xander and Willow as Vampires, as well as a taste of what was to come in Dopplegangland? I mean really.... I SO love those episodes. That whole season was great!

"That's me as a vampire? I'm so evil and skanky! And I think I'm kinda gay!"

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