Friday, December 09, 2005

Go Away

I just don't get all the bah-humbuggers. Christmas time has never been anything but happy for me. Christmas songs are sweet and uplifting; Lights & Decorations are pretty; Giving is such a good feeling; Being with family is so fun. Why do so many people hate the holidays? Why do some people constantly focus on the negative and make it so much worse? I'm sorry you didn't get the toy you wanted when you were 5 but does that mean that every Christmas has to be horrible and that you have to complain about everything?
Bring back the Christmas cheer damnit! Although I do like the "12 Pains of Christmas" song.

I like Christmas too :D. Especially when everything is white because of the snow! And everyone must sing 'Jingle Bells' or 'It's beginning to look a lot like christmas' (or whatever that song is called)!! People should be happy and eat a lot and be together!!! You're totally right, no one must be complaining..
You're right! That's the name of the song!

I never see snow here. :( You should post pictures of your place when it is snowy!
The most adorable Christmas card arrived at my house today! SWEET!!!
I'll make some pictures of the snow (when it is snowy) and you'll see them!! *let it snow let it snow let it snow*
preasure, to many of us put to much preasure on ourselves. we should all just chill and let things be what they are.

god bless us, everyone of us.
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