Thursday, December 15, 2005


So have you seen the preview for X3? It looks pretty awesome but I'm suprised at the amount of new characters. I hope they don't just go for fancy special effects and try to fit so many cool mutants in that they lose the story. A movie can have the best actors in the world and be complete shit if the story isn't there. But I'm all excited about see Jackman as Wolverine though. Too bad Nightcrawler isn't back. I liked him a lot. I think Alan Cumming is one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood.

YEAH! X3! i was making myself wary of this as i don't think brett ratner necessarily compares to bryan singer as a director (although i do dig pretty much anything i've seen from ratner). but the trailer has me in such a tizzy! i watched it honestly at least 20 times and made daner watch it first then when he woke from his slumber. i'm getting excited just thinking bout the flick. gonna go watch that preview again.
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