Monday, December 05, 2005


We're moved. Well 90% at least. Hubby still has a lot of garage stuff/tools to move. But we can move most of that in the coming weeks with our own vehicles.
My fridge got scratched on the side (argh!) but thankfully, that's the only damage that was done. The rain held off until the very end but when we got to Greenville it was FREEZING. It felt like snow/hail weather. Thankfully, none occured. And then yesterday, of course, because it's SC and we have bizarro weather - it was quite warm; in the upper 60's I believe.
We stayed at my grandparents house last night and I had dreams all night about my childhood. It felt strange to be sleeping there again. But what felt more strange was to be sleeping there with a man. Even though my husband and I have been married for 3½ years now - I've never had a man sleep beside me under their roof! The dogs have stayed there before so they were cool but the cat was very disoriented!
We went to dinner Saturday night at a restaraunt in Greenville that we'd never been to nor heard of. It was very beautiful and the menu sounded fabulous. But that's where the good times ended. First, I ordered the most popular dish on the menu (according to the way-too-friendly waitress who touched us and irked the hell out of Hubby) and they come back 8 minutes later and tell us they are out. So Hubby & I both order a ribeye. 8 minutes later, "Oh, we're out of that too." We're like, "What the hell? It's 7:30 on a Saturday night!" So, I order a stuffed shrimp meal and Hubby ordered some calamari and a baked potato. About 20 minutes later they bring us our meal. Hubby's calamari is ICE COLD. He was pissed. And my meal, while the taste of it was okay, the stuffed shrimp was covered in a sauce- which normally would not be a problem. However, they left the tails on the shrimp. I don't eat shrimp tails. So, I had to put my fingers in the sauce so that I could hold the shrimp by the tails to eat it. Well, we of course, complained to the manager and expected him to comp Hubby's potato but he just deleted our bill.
Then yesterday we go through the drive-thru at Sonic and we think they forgot about us. We must've sat there for about 14 minutes. Finally Hubby went in side and said, "What's going on? You guys having a problem in here?" The poor little girl looked scared to death. They gave us our meal for free.
As we're driving home, Hubby is complaining and I'm like, "Hey! I got us two free meals this weekend!" And then we both started laughing.

True story:
The second to last time I drove my sister up to my mom's new place, we stopped at a McDonald's (starving and nothing else around; sue us) and we went through the drive-thru. I place the order and the lady tells us to pull forward. After about five minutes, the woman comes to the window and gives us the wrong order. I tell her, "No, we had such and such." She blinks, says, "Sorry," and wanders back. Five more minutes later, she comes back and asks us what we ordered. I give her the order again. A couple more minutes later, a manager comes to the window and takes our order again. At this point I am really wondering about the breeding policies of small, out-of-the-way towns, but the woman finally comes to the window after several more minutes and says, "Have a nice day."

I had my credit card in hand, ready to pay the entire time. They never took it. My sister giggled, "Go, before they realize it and get your license plate!"

We both cackled for the entire meal. I choked once, but it was a good choke.

pumpmwx: Pump my wax?
By the way, you get hotter in each successive profile picture. Your husband must maul you every day or something.
I agree w/Bobi's above comment, wholeheartedly.

That does it, I'm taking you with me anytime I go out to eat. Hubby too. I want a comp meal, dammit! The last time that happened was when Taco Bell gave me 1 extra crunch taco. It barely even qualifies.
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