Thursday, December 22, 2005

Again With the Radioactive Bobi would say. I HAVE to load a photo editing program on my home pc.
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you just post all of those great pictures of your lovely, provocative, seductive self so that all the men want you and all the women want to be you.

you are very attractive and i truely think that you are very photgenic. i can't decide if it's your eyes or that great/cooky 1/2 smile that you got going but whatever it is it works.

not to keep gushing about your looks but the hair color works for you.

i like nickle creek a lot, you didn't strike me as a country music lover. maybe you just like good music?

to kill a mockingbird is a super fantastic movie. it still moves me no mater how many times i have seen it. viva las vegas is a better elvis movie than king creole.
I posted a big long response to you Harry and then my frickin computer froze. Argh.

I love country although I haven't listened to it since the mid 90's really. I prefer the 70's and 80's country. I also love soft rock/pop (any lovesong) but my favorite music is Big Band. I LOVE it.

Viva rocks but King Creole is the best.
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