Thursday, November 10, 2005


Joss made a post at Whedonesque. And you see that carrot he's dangling? That's one big ass carrot!! Can I get a hell yeah?!

pretty cool. i'd like a spike movie as long as there's other characters too. i miss them all.
I will support the verse living on in any fashion. Because I love the Buffy/Angel pairing so much people tend to think I don't like Spike. Not true. I think he's a FANTASTIC character - I just don't prefer him w/ Buffy. I really liked him & Anya together in Season 6. There was one moment when she was crying and he shushed her that was just absolutely perfect.
oh no you didn't! i got mad when they got jiggy with it...poor xander. but he was at fault i guess. i would NEVER have done that to anya. i likee anya.
Anya and Xander were just too hardcore. Somebody's got to start doing some forgiving! No wonder they were all bent out of shape up to the end.

Oh, yeah, I want any kind of Angel-related movie I can get. Spike rocked.

And DAMN Joss is funny!
Hi, I found you off SlimAdams. I hadn't checked whedonesque on awhile. My God, a spike movie would rock. Every James article I read indicates he wants to do it, but soon, before his look changes too much. I hope this materializes.

nice stopping by, I'll be back to read more. bj
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