Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Office Supply Wednesday

Because I am a devoted Shanshuee, I am posting a picture of items on my desk here at work. That's right. It's a picture of Buffy & Angel. A gift from my dear diva Bee. Also there's a picture of Elvis Presley blowing me a kiss but the light glared on that one a lot. There's also pics of my pets. And my headphones with which I jam out while I blog.
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YES!!! The first person to officially do Office Supply Wednesday! Crystal, you are forever in my cool book.


I wish I had a prize for you, or something.
I'm sorry, that was the only thing I could type, and before I knew, my finger already pressed the 'enter'button..

Love your desk and pics!!
Your desk is very "Crystal" :)
HAHA I love it Crystal!

Now that I have a stand up job I'm gonna try to promote inter-job flare. Pins and buttons to wear on our shirt....I imagine them giving me a very harsh stare and then me seeing their back as they walk feverishly away from me. This being the company that prefers you leave wedding rings at home, as it may distract the customer and make them not want to return....
WHAT?!! Who the hell doesn't want you to wear wedding rings? What kind of Nazi company do you work for?!
must be a waitress?
Where's my framed picture? Yeah, I see the one I gave you but you should also have a picture *of* me there.

I'm going to be super-fabulous one day, Like Diana was. And you can say you knew me when.
I work at a gas station that thinks it's a friggin 4 star eatery... When told that they like the jewelry 'very' limited, including wedding rings I jokingly said to the training manager, "Oh man, I just bought $300 worth of bling from the Mr. T collection!! What am I supposed to do now?" He did NOT think I was humorous...

Damn, I wish I could come up with lines like that! :)

A gas station? How's jewelry going to keep people from buying gas & candy bars? that's weird.
what no pic of hubby?

my desk is a lot less interesting.
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