Monday, November 07, 2005


I've heard a rumor that David Boreanaz will get Punk'd tonight on MTV (11pm EST)

*EDIT* news was wrong. David is on Punk'd Sunday night. Apparently he & his wife are out to dinner and she has glass in her salad.

Holy Crap that lake looks awesome! I wish my weekends were as fun as yours...

Mine are full of homework and work work... although there is sleep.

Every black cloud, right?

Say "Sup, yo" to that one person.
i wonder if they convinvce him he's really a vampire...
Sorry, I gave for bad information. I guess this means I'm qualified to work for the CIA.
that's still kinda cool tho! :)
When I was a baby I ate a glass ornament...I don't recommend it to anyone...very dry tasting.

If I got served a salad with glass in can bet I'd be beatin' some bitches up! OH NO YOU DIDN'T!!
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