Wednesday, November 16, 2005

More Pictures

I found this collage that I made in high school. I wish I hadn't glued them all on because I'd really like to frame the one of my Dad. That's him - the bald guy - holding my baby brother Rivers. Weren't they cute together? I couldn't scan the whole collage together because it was too big. I have previously scratched out my ex in a couple of pictures. A couple of the girls were my best friends in high school - one of whom I still exchange christmas cards with and the other who fell off the planet about 3 years ago. There's also a special picture on here. The only picture I have of myself with all my grandparents. I'll let you figure out which one that is! :)
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Wow! You have some really photogenic family!

Don't you love trips down memory lane?
I do...
wow, my mom would never have allowed me to do s omething like this (she was a photographer and would have considered a collage like damaging fine art) but I always wanted to do this. I think it looks great.
*sings* Memories..from the corners of my mind...
rowan i would have argued with your mom that a collage is FINER art than just a single photograph. they may say a thousand words but crystals tells a whole story...awesome job btw.
you guys are the sweetest bloggers EVER!!
nice pictures, i found the nannas and pappas. i don't see the nose conundrum ( you look plenty good to me) i have tried to email you but it keeps coming back as undeliverable. what is your email address?
maybe you're spelling it wrong?
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