Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It Must Be Tuesday...

Interesting news from E!'s Kristen:

Aquaman's getting his own spinoff! The WB isn't saying who's playing the part yet. I'm told it won't be Alan Ritchson, who was Smallville's Aquaman last month. Also, I hear they're in talks with James Marsters to make him a series regular. No word yet on if he's going to sign. I know his children live here in L.A., so it might be a tough sell.

Friday night I got an ocular migraine. I generally only get those when I'm highly stressed (when my grandmother was in the hospital, for instance). They are usually followed up with a normal headache. But the headache I got Friday night was the worst I've ever experienced. I guess you'd call it a migraine. My cheekbones hurt and I got nauseaus from it. All of this while I was trying to drive to Greenville. It sure made for a fun trip!

Ouch! I also used to get migraines... one of my eyes would slowly lose vision for an hour, spontaneously fix itself, and then an hour later I'd have some of the worst headaches I can remember. I also became nauseated and the only reason I couldn't lie down and try to sleep it off was because I was bent over the toilet. Hate those things.

Huggles to make you feel better!


Haven't had one of those in a long time... kinda makes me nervous, like I'm due, ya know?
yup that's a migraine...I have one nearly every day of my life. I hope you lied down, dark, silent room and took some codeine or extra strength of something and just slept it off.
Hope you feel better!
yikes, that can't feel good. if you want i'll come over and kick you in the leg to displace the pain
Hope you feel better soon!

***gentle hug***

if that ain't love than I don't know what is!
i get horrible headaches on a regulat basis. when i was young the doc took me off dairy products for like three months. it sucked but we found out that the cows weren't hurting me. never found out actually what causes em. but i feel yer pain.
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