Thursday, November 03, 2005


I've been trying to think of something to write all day. But I guess I'm feeling rather "empty".

Other than packing, I haven't done much of anything lately - unless you count watching tv. And I can't recap the shows I've watched because no one else that visits here watches them. At least tonight there is a new Smallville episode and I can look forward to discussing that with Dane.

I do watch a lot of tv but only because I like to be home - and when I'm home - there's little else to do especially while my husband's gone. I have been watching Buffy season 2 again. I felt the need for the good 'ol days of the Buffy/Angel romance. Last night I watched Bad Eggs. While being one of the worst demons featured on the series it has some seriously good smoochie scenes between B&A - and smiles - they didn't have a lot of smiley scenes. *sigh*

But I don't live for most of these shows. The ones I don't miss are starred.
Mon: How I Met Your Mother /Kitchen Confidential
Tues: The Amazing Race/ Boston Legal* /Scrubs* (whenever the dumb fucks at NBC decide to put it back on!) (during commercials I might flip to Supernatural or The Office)
Wed: Lost*
Thurs: Smallville* /Survivor*
Fri: nothing
Sat: Rescue Me*
Sun: Cold Case /Desperate Housewives /Grey's Anatomy*

Oh I loved the first season of Lost...Sadly I'm not as into the second. I really like Gilmore Girls...I know I know! Shoot me, but I love smart-ass witty exchanges between mother and daughter!

I also like Greys anatomy, Scrubs, Cold Case, Law and Order SVU and CI, Friends (even though it's over..)

Cheers to television!
I like the Gilmore Girls too although I didn't discover it until last season. I LOVE fast-paced witty panter in a very grown-up fashion. I like Dawson's Creek for that reason too. Sadly, that's what turns most people off from those shows.

Funny, how I first loved Buffy for the exact opposite reason - the dialogue on there is very NOT grown-up but rather slangy. ha! ha! get it? slangy? cause they put a -y on the end of all their words. ha ha ha. I kill me.

Anyway, I love SVU - I just don't go out of my way to catch it because I know I'll see them all in syndication. I HATE Criminal Intent though. That detective gets on my nerves. And the female detective...why is she even there?

I watched all 10 seasons of Friends too. I was loyal to the end. :)

Sounds like we were made to be tv buddies.
Scrubs, Smallville. Good times. Can't wait for Scrubs to be back and Smallville hasn't had one bad episode this season so far.
lost is hawt
ncis is hawt

them the only 2 i really care about nowadays.

i haven't figured out how to do the links that why i need you to teach me!
well, so I don't feel left out, I'll chip in that I watch cold case files once in a while....anyway....buffy still rocks, and though I find David Boreanaz ugly as sin, you must admit, their romance did have points that made you wish love could really be like that in the ordinary world.
Fil your friday void with Numb3rs! It's like law and order with math! :)

Oh yeah...and as much as I like scrubs...

My Name is Earl > Scrubs

There, I said it.
And once again I pretty much agree with Adam. Smallville has kicked many an ass this season.
My Name is Earl > Scrubs

Take that back! Take that back! >:(

Smallville has been great so far this season. I can't wait to see more James Marsters action!
Tolbs as much as you seem to agree with me why am I always disagreeing with you? I go with crystal here- SCRUBS IS GREATER! Earl woulda been cancelled by now without jason lee.
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