Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Do You See What I See?

Can you tell the differences of my nose in my profiles? It has always bothered me but a lot of people tell me they can't tell.
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Hmmm...Yep, I still see it.
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Hey, you're nose is cute!

I have a witch nose...very pointy with nostrils that have a mind of their own!

I hate my profile...
awww. you're sweet. i don't think i took the picture of my right profile from the correct angle.
I have like, extra cartlidge in one nostril which makes it shaped differently from the other one and therefore throws my whole nose off. I hate it.
I'm sure it gives you character!
Personally, I like your nose. If the nose were one of the characteristics for which I looked, you'd be a winner. It's a good nose!

However, you seem to be radioactive, which I would think would be slightly more worrisome...
LOL!! I KNOW!! This crappy camera phone always turns the pictures a lovely shade of jaundice!!
hmmm,. nah I don't see no cartilege in excess anywhere. Sorry, your nose looks fine.
bobi, maybe crystal is she-hulk? your nose is just dandy...i'd pick it if it were mine. eeewwwww....
I can see NO difference between these two pictures in relation to your nose.

So...either I don't see what you're talking about, or there's something else deeper going on here.

PS: You forgot about Office Supply Wednesday! For shame.
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