Friday, November 11, 2005

Be Still My Heart

"David Boreanaz likes to save dogs, he goes to pounds and saves dogs..."- Vladimir Kulich (The Beast, Angel)

Nothing could make me love him more!

I'm so glad that it's Friday! I've got lots of "home improvement" plans this weekend. Hope the weather will be nice.

Smallville rocked last night. Dane said silver kryptonite didn't exist in the comic but it worked REALLY well for the show. It's always nice to see hottie Tom Welling playing something other than dense, holier-than-thou Clark. And James Marsters finally in action. Sweet!

Boondock Saints is the movie which rules my universe. You will go to Besty Buy or Target or Wal-Mart or wherever and fork over the $10 in order to purchase the best movie ever and you will so thoroughly enjoy it that you will fly to Minnesota just so you can make out with me for telling you about it.

Go. Now.
Crystal I've got a question for ya: What's Cafepress all about? Is it really free? Does anyone buy your stuff?
Yes. It really is free. And I make enough on it that every couple of months I use the money to buy something from them. (You can opt to have the cash sent to you if you prefer that). But there's so much on there I like - I use the credit towards purchases. :) I might upgrade to a pay account where I can really step up what I offer.
it is very tempting to try
yeah! spike! i mean- prof. fine! i only saw the last half but it was cool from what i saw. when are they gonna do fuscia kryptonite?
Personally, I prefer Seabreeze Kryptonite. It makes Kal El metrosexual.

Nifty, huh?
a spike movie? really? when? how? I'm so excited, can it really be true?
read my post below
ohhh lovvvvee the black and white!
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