Saturday, October 22, 2005

Yard Sale people!!

It was TOTALLY kick ass! The weather was gorgeous - not a cloud in the sky. I had to turn away 4 people before it was LIGHT outside. Ashley came and brought a few of her things to put in too. During the first hour - I was at the top of my driveway - she was at the bottom AND WE COULDN'T SEE EACH OTHER - that's how crowded it was!! We didn't even get a quarter of our items out until almost 9:30 because we were so busy!! I made a profit of $600.00!! I'm extremely pleased considering a huge chunk of that is just quarter - dollar stuff. We did make a couple of big sales that helped too. Did not sell my sleeper sofa so I'm gonna have to put that in the paper. No worry. Best damn yard sale I've ever had. There was one mean customer but I didn't deal with him - Ashley did. Thank goodness she was there because I really would've been stretched thin without her help. It's amazing how much stuff I still have left. I might get a table at the flea market one day in early November and see if I can sell off some more stuff. :) This made me want to have a sale every weekend!!


You must have had a TON of stuff...
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its called ebay. its fun; you should try it
sleeper sofas suck. they cost more, hurt your back more when you sleep on them, and hurt your back even more when you try to haul them to the dump.

ps if you want to make some serious cash find me some naked pictures of bea arthur. mmm yak likes!
Negative posters - beware! You cannot spoil my garage sale high!
Bea Arthur EW!

Woo! Garage Sale HIGH!!
Awesome! So what are you going to do with your profits?
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