Wednesday, October 19, 2005

TV Good & Bad News

Let's start with the bad. I took this from TV Guide's Ausiello column:

Question: Any updates on when Scrubs might return to NBC's schedule?
Ausiello: No news is bad news. With The Office struggling on Tuesdays after My Name Is Earl, the prevailing wisdom was that NBC would give Scrubs a shot in the 9:30 time slot during November sweeps. In fact, it appeared the Peacock was headed in that very direction when it announced late last week that it was benching The Office on Oct. 25 and replacing it with a rerun of the Earl pilot. But an NBC source says The Office is still scheduled to air after Earl during sweeps, so, basically, I don't know what the hell is going on. But I'm beginning to suspect someone at NBC really hates Bill Lawrence.

Question: I love Veronica Mars and it's all your fault. I never thought I'd enjoy a show about a young blonde chippy in high school solving mysteries, but you were right - it's fabulous! That said, give up the scoop, er, poop!
Ausiello: How 'bout some visual Mars poop: Joss Whedon playing that testy rental-car manager in the Nov. 9 episode. And to see him in action with Kristen Bell, pick up the new issue of TV Guide magazine and turn to the Ausiello Report on page 10! Also, make sure to read Rob Thomas' latest Q&A with fans in today's Insider. There are a couple of good poop droppings in there.

Question: Holy kryptonite, Batman! Silver kryptonite!?! What's up with that? Any details on when it shows up and what it does to Clark? Maybe it will give him super column-writing skills like your own!
Ausiello: That's the kind of first-rate sucking up that gets your question answered in Ask Ausiello, Jacob. The silver stuff shows up in Smallville on Nov. 10 and, as I teased last week, it makes Clark a wee-bit paranoid. He imagines his worst fears coming to light. Like, for instance, Courtney Love taking over the role of Lana. Just an example. (SIDENOTE: Tomorrow night's ep features Aquaman & James Marsters!)

I might have to start watching ER again. I didn't know that John Leguizamo was on it! Plus:
"spotlight guest turns by former teen idol C. Thomas Howell (Nov. 10)" (I used to LOVE him!)

Would you kindly do this for me? Buddies

ooohh, did i read James Marsters??? hubba hubba! I have to watch
sure! i was going to earlier but the site was updating
OMG everybody is getting new, cool, exciting blog templates and I am still stuck with my old one.

I need to branch out.
I miss Scrubs :(
I miss Rainbow Kryptonite.

Oh, come on, you know they'd figure out a way around it...
One short pissy Chief of ER replaced with a new and improved crabby Chief of ER!

I've not once watched Veronica it really that good?

Did anyone ever use to watch that show Roswell?? I must admit...that was my guilty pleasure.

You do know that bunnies aren't just cute like everyone supposes!
What's with all the carrots? Why do they need such good eyesight for anyway???

OHhh..good times, good times.
i found after some diggin a few months ago that appartently scrubs will return midseason this year. january or thereabouts. we need it sooner though as i havent found much beyond smallville and adult swim that is suitable enough to watch.
damn, I probably will or have miss the james marsters episode(s) again....damn...I'm scum I tell you!
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