Thursday, October 27, 2005

Tales Of An Ordinary Girl

I think The Goonies poster is probably my favorite movie poster to date. I SO wanted to be a goonie.
Image hosted by

I also loved the Cyndi Lauper theme song too! I still have it on 45 record. Image hosted by Does anyone remember the kickass video with the wrestlers in it? The dvd version of The Goonies has the extended video on it.

yup, i remember.
Cyndi rocked!
I still sing her tunes [at least in my head] at least once a week.
Ahhh memories...Goonies and Dirty Dancing used to be my favorite movies as a child. CHUNKY!!!
i missing with this goonies thing? i don't get it i guess. still it was better than napoleon dynamite.
I don't know who the goonies are (shame on me right?), but the poster certainly looks cool!!
LOVE Goonies...LOVE 'em. Good times.

Crystal, last night I watched Smallville just so I could see James Marsters, again. It was strange seeing him in this new role. Kinda freaked me out. So afterwards I popped in Angel season 5 so I could see Spike in all his glory.

OMG when I was little, this was the first movie I ever watched on VHS. I remember the overwhelming JOY of watching the truffle shuffle repeatedly!


Good times
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