Saturday, October 01, 2005


*spoiler FREE*

I loved it. Perfect Joss blend of funny as hell and made-me-cry. It had several moments of action that I didn't expect. Being one of the people that had seen the tv show I think he did an EXCELLENT job of setting the story for folks who hadn't seen the show yet keeping it fresh for people who had. That was A bit tricky and I think he pulled it off perfectly. Of course it did have a slightly different feel from the show- there wasn't proper time to gain a bond with each of the characters as in the show but I expected that. Joss stayed EXTREMELY loyal to his fan base. He gave us what the fans had been asking for which I think is so great. The acting was very enjoyable to me. There's only one of the actors who I've always been just kinda "eh" about.

I don't think I've had time to process it all just yet. But I'm going to see it again in about an hour with my husband. I'll probably have more thoughts about it after a second viewing.

ahh I loved that movie. I just hopped on the firefly bandwagon like a month ago. I gobbled up all the episodes in a period of 3 days. I couldn't imagine what it would be like to wait soooo long for this movie, I was so crazed that I was listening to the serenity podcasts (thats like 14 hours of radio commentary on firefly) all week at work.

Going to see it again for sure.

Here's to 2 more firefly movies (hopefully).
Two more? Is that a possibility?

::scrambles for Firefly/Serenity information::
I think Joss has mentioned the word "trilogy"
::secretes man juice::
i too enjoyed it, can't wait to pirate it until it comes out on dvd!
wash lives!!!!
damn, that was a shocker wasn't it? I think I sat there for a solid 2 minutes with my mouth hanging open.

Damn you Joss Whedon!
Hey, did any of you notice how River runs exactly the same as Buffy? Head straight, very straight movement.
BTW, is it wrong that I got *totally* turned on by the Ewan McGregor trailer before Serenity started?
hrmm guess we weren't getting the same trailers. Joss, btw, says that it'll take 80 mil in gross to get a sequel. Rumours are that the movie made 10 mil this weekend, not sure if that is confirmed. That is a good indicator considering the amount of screens serenity WASNT on. Got knows about 1/2 those people are going to see it at least 1 more time and if the movie grosses 30-40 mil in the box office they should be good for a sequel. People are going to GOBBLE up the DVD which means nothing but good things for the cast, crew, and NBC-Universal.

Trilogy would be awesome.
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