Thursday, October 13, 2005

Rant & Nostalgia

This is Heather. Sorry I couldn't get a better shot but I was trying to be sly. Heather is currently 3 months pregnant but rapidly gaining weight and calling it the "baby". She also holds her stomach constantly and moans about how much pain she's already in and how crazy her hormones are.
Heather is ALWAYS a candidate for TLC's "What NOT to Wear" but while pregnant she takes it to new heights. She wears these stirrup stretch pants everyday with black 80's style scrunch socks and black tennis shoes. Her hair never looks neat & clean. Plus she dyes it black. Are you supposed to dye your hair while you're pregnant.
Did I mention she also smokes through her pregnancy?
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Bobi got me feeling a bit nostalgic. Let's walk down memory lane...

9th grade
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10th grade

11th grade

12th grade

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(I'm obviously the one on the left here. My sister's senior photo is on the right)
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senior prom
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wow! you are stunning!

as for your friend, no she shouldn't be dying her hair period, although I can vouch that if it is your first baby especially the first 3 months feel like horrible, constant menstrual cramps all day and night long....that said, I was the type taht gained weight early on in pregnancy, but not later, it's possible, but it looks like Heather is already overweight to begin with, so that's not good and good god, she's making a horrible fashion statement there.
right on sister!

but she's not my friend. she's a co-worker. yes, that's the way she dresses to come into the office. :(
This isn't her first baby. She has a toddler and her & her husband were thinking of getting a divorce just a few short months ago. (IMO, not the best time to be having a baby but hey).
I don't doubt that people gain weight at first with their babies. But she is just Drama Queen extroidinaire. She was like this with her first pregnancy too. She's also a total bitch throughout her pregnancy. Good thing is - she doesn't come to work much. She calls in a lot. She told me she just takes the days without pay. I told her I couldn't afford to do that.
You look beautiful on the pictures!! You really do!
Cool to show us your school pics!!!
my lord that prom dress looks like it came from the 80s. BTW, you're a smokin hottie senior, i bet you had to beat the boys off with a nail studded bat
Um,not so much. Guys my age never seemed to like me then. I think guys in high school are too concerned with going out with the popular girls of which I was not one of during my junior & senior years.
eeeeee pregnant lady scares me. Thats cool that you keep all your pictures. I probably couldn't find 5 pictures of myself anywhere.

Ahhh memories (even if they aren't mine)
Holy Hell! Look at the bombshell in the 10th grade dress! ::whistle::

And I totally would've danced with you in that dress. Nobody wore anything interesting to my prom. Just slick, strapless affairs. Meh.
Pretty Pretty!!

Someday, ill do the same picture parade!!

And yur co-worker lady, I don't understand people like her. Probably thinks that having a baby is work enough and the weight-gain and bitching is probably given excuse in her mind.


And does she not realize that her baby is suffering, while she smokes? Thin veins, anyone? anyone? Yeesh!
I know! She was complaining about how the Lysol fumes in the bathroom weren't good for her and I said, "I'm sure it's not any worse than you smoking."
It's so selfish!! I mean, I don't give a rat's ass if someone wants to smoke and is only hurting themselves, but when you're pregnant? I'm sorry but that is just horribly horribly selfish. Smoking while pregnant can cause the children to have learning disabilities, stunted growth, low immune systems so they're getting sick all the time and more.
Why would you want that for your kid?
Realized I forgot to tell you how nice you looked in these! I thought I had, but yeah, you were especially cute in your 9th grade picture I think. Your sister is really pretty too.
Thanks! I didn't have very high self-esteem back then. I look back now and I'm like, "I'd love to look like that now!"
hey! browsed on by while procrastinating. love this post. :) you wear rollers really well.

and the strirrup pants?! aiieeee!
Thanks Kimberlina! I love that curlers picture - but no one else ever seems to comment on it. Typical me when I was young though - always goofing around trying to be the center of attention.
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