Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Oh my FREAKIN Gosh!

I had the most traumatic experience of my life last night.

So I sat down on the toilet. I picked up the roll of toilet paper and a cockroach fell out, down my hand and across my naked nether-regions. I screamed so hard that my throat was sore for about an hour afterwards. It crawled away so fast back under the window ledge where I assume it got in - I wasn't able to kill it. I was not able to use that restroom again last night or this morning.


On a different note, I watched the premiere of Close to Home last night starring the uberly sexy Christian Kane (Lindsay from Angel). It was very very good but not enough Christian. I also flipped back and forth in between The Amazing Race & My Name Is Earl. You're right Bethies, Jason Lee CANNOT look ugly.

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OH MY GOSH!!! That sends chills down my spine!! I HATE HATE HATE COCKROACHES!! What's up with those lately anyway?? They're everywhere!
I was recently told that in southern states, it is nothing to see cockroaches about. Here, it is considered a very VERY bad thing (it's fairly rare here-probably because its so cold) and so people here are under the misconception that it has something to do with how clean/dirty you are. Whatever. I don't think I've ever seen a cockroach (cept on tv) but I doubt I want to anytime soon, now earwigs, they are everywhere and there is nothing I can be creeped out by more!
cockroaches are the world's worst creatures. direct from hell I tell ya!
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