Wednesday, October 26, 2005

No Tales To Tell

Last night was pretty uneventful. Unless you want to hear my recaps of The Amazing Race or Boston Legal (the best show on tv you're not watching!). I would like to be in The Amazing Race but I know I'd wind up being the "bitch" of the show. No thank you m'am. I already have enough people that hate me.

This morning I woke up so calmly. It was the perfect temperature in the room & bed. My Abby baby was sleeping in between my legs and Lucy Lulu was laying along my side. We all woke up slowly together. They're so cute when they're all warm & snuggly in the morning!

Awww! Sometimes I wish I had a doggy.
tell me tales of the shat show! i'm always at work when its on!! what did my captain do now?
Wow...your last paragraph was FULL of things I could turn into bad phrases and sexually deviant I won't because it's too easy.
Well, he plays a character that is SOOOO politically incorrect and who has the beginning of alzheimers so he says the CRAZIEST things! Last night he was supposed to apologize to a woman who claimed he was sexually harrassing her and he wound up telling her he liked to have sex with "chubbies". LOL!! It was so funny.

I also watched I Love the 80's 3D. Laughed my ass off. *Sha-nee-qua um, bobba, um bobba maw maw*
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