Monday, October 03, 2005

New Season, New Blog

You might notice a bit of a change here at Crystalland.

I've been wanting to change the look and feel of my blog for awhile but just hadn't found a style that suited me. I stumbled across this one from Blogfrocks and fell in love with it instantly. The star really attracted me. I love the colors and the sleekness of it - as if I run my hand across it I'll feel that cool metal feeling like the side of an airplane. It's whimsical while still contemporary. A mixture of styles and textures - which is exactly me. I can't pinpoint a style for myself because I like so broad a range of styles and colors. As soon as I think I'm a traditional person, I find myself drawn to an ultra-contemporary piece of art. That probably doesn't come through in my writing but that's me.

When I make a change though - I like to make a change. Radical. Take the risks with design. Now, I'm not a risk taker in all walks of life but with design - if I'm able, heck yeah! It can always be re-done.

You might wonder why I moved away from the slayer address. Well, I didn't feel this template fit in with the slayer theme. Plus I felt like perhaps I was beginning to define myself completely by my love of the buffyverse. Sure, I'm still gonna talk incessantly about it (especially seeing as how I just viewed Serenity this weekend.) But I want there to me more of me out here in the world than that.

You'll notice I still, however, went with a 3 column, centered design. I like to make good use of a space and that includes a monitor screen. I will probably ask the designer however, if I can widen the columns just a bit. I still have some work to do on it - like why those spaces are there in the blog links (it's not in the code so I haven't figured it out just yet). Plus there is a calendar feature on the template for this blog but it's not in the code so hopefully I'll have that up soon.

So, enjoy looking around and please, tell me what you think. Comments, suggestions and obvious flattery are welcome.

Sweet! I have the first comment! Well, not THE first comment, but rather A first comment.

That's got to be worth something.
I like it A LOT! Good show ol' girl!
oh my this is a real beautifull blog
totally digging it, nice relaxing atmopshere. I like the small column thing but you could probably widen it pretty easily. Not exactly sure what the template code looks like but look for tags like WIDTH=25%, which looks to be like the middle content area, change that up to say, 50%, and that should make things all better (entirely depends how the side columns are set up though, those might be a factor).
Heej :D
it is a reeeeeeeeeeeeallly nice blog
but I miss your pictures ;), I mean the ones that were on the right site of your old blog
Thank you for informing me, btw!
I really like your new blog :D
Thanks Karmen! :) The picture that is on here though - if you click it you'll go to my public photo album.
nice crystal!
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