Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My Husband's Fantasies

So, I have an extremely tolerant and non-jealous husband. I mean, he let's me tell him about the sexual dreams I have of Ewan McGregor and David Boreanaz. He just rolls his eyes and my frequent lusting over men on tv and film and doesn't mind at all that I chat with other men online. Perhaps it's because I tell him everything - I don't give him any reasons to feel like I'm hiding something.

But I was thinking the other day about how he NEVER does this. I'm sure he thinks women are hot and don't get me wrong - I notice him checking women out when they're jogging down the road or come out of the convienence store, etc... But he never comments on any on tv or film and if he does have dream fantasies - he can't remember them to tell me. So I asked him point blank, "Honey, what famous women do you think are hot?" He could think of no one once put on the spot. So over the last several days, I've asked him his opinion on certain women during shows we've watched. We've come to the conclusion that he finds the following women hot. Can't say that I disagree with him:

Katey Sagal

Rhona Mitra who can be seen on Boston Legal - the best show you're not watching!!

Me and my wife are the same way. She sometimes comments on actors that she likes, and even watches certain shows just because a particular actor is on it.
I could care less.

As for me, I don't lust after any actress/singer. I don't concern myself with anyone that I'll probably never meet. They may be pretty but you have no idea how someone is in private, and personality wise.

Although, I did come across a singer (who I posted songs from on my blog) that I find attractive. Her name is Rachel Stevens and you can view her pic here.

But that's not too say that I'll swoon after her. Although, I do enjoy reading about you and your infatuations (is that the right word to use?) I love when you write about stuff like that at Banned!
My husband doesn't do that either very much. Neither do I, but it's mostly because I don't lust after people on TV and stuff like you do sweetums. With the exception of Mark Wahlburg :)
My boyfriend (I know you all have husbands, but I'm trying to fit in!!) doesn't like it, when I say "Oh, that actor is hot". He gets really quiet and pissed off (and just a bit angry).. As for me, I don't really mind if he likes an actress (or maybe just a tiny little bit), but I'm not that jealous.. But he knows I love him, and not that actor (no one can get) on tv
You fit in here Karmen! :)
I dunno about your husband, but whenever I'm asked for opinions in a list format, I come up with nothing. My mind goes blank.

Quick, BOBI, list your 5 favorite hot women actors!

Uh... wait... no... umm... Thomas Jane! No, women... uhhhh... that chick who plays Lois on Smallville?

Really gotta put my mind to it.
Exactly. He blanked out.
Katey segal is so very cool. To play Peg for as long as she did... it's hard to picture her as being a truly talented woman. But she really is.

She's very pretty and so talented.
It's kinda sad when couples do become jealous over things like that. Just a sign of insecurity.

There is no Lois in Smallville, right? Lana Lang is played by Kristin Kreuk, but I can't remember any Lois in Smallville.. Chloe?
Lois joined last season. She's portrayed by Erica Ducane. She's very very pretty.
Yeah! Her! She's reeeaaaaaally good-looking.
i can agree with the second choice, but Katey Sagal? yuck, sorry!
good thing i'm single. I could name like 50 right now off the top of my head.

but i wont :)
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