Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I work for Mr. Burns

I'm really concerned over this $5,600,000,000.00 the Bush Administration has promised for relief & military efforts. I mean, where the hell is all that money gonna come from? Does this mean we'll be driving through gigantic potholes for the next 4 years? Does this mean, we'll end up having to purchase the desks our children sit in at school because the school can no longer afford to provide them? Or does it mean that we soon will all have to learn Chinese because China will soon own us? It's craziness and it's downright scary!

My boss SEVERELY pissed me off yesterday. He is an elderly man and quite whacky so you take everything he says with a grain of salt. But sometimes he just pushes my buttons. When our receptionist has left early and can't take our out-going mail to the post office - he takes it. Well, I wasn't sure if he knew that she was already gone so on my way out, I took the mail to his office and I asked him, "Mr. O are you going to take the mail?" He said, "Well, I will. You can just leave it here." I said, "Okay." Then he says, "You know you didn't say please. It's polite to say please."

Well, now. I'm sure I have my moments of rudeness like everyone but in general I believe I am a polite person and goodness knows there are other employees here who are A LOT more impolite than me. Even so, this is the 2nd time he's done this to me, so I said, "Mr. Oliver I wasn't telling you to do something I just asked you a question." and he said, 'Well, we have to remember to say please. I am teaching my Grandchildren that." By this point I had made up my mind that I wasn't going to say it if I started bleeding so I said, "Well, Mr. O what's good for the goose is good for the gander." And he got irritated and said, "Well, you don't have to say it." and waved his hand in a complete brush-off. I was SO DAMN mad that I fumed the whole drive home.

I wanted to say, "You know what? You're not my father and I am 28 years old and it's not polite to correct me." Plus, there have been MANY times that I have cleaned up after him (because he is DISGUSTINGLY messy) and I've never pointed it out to him and made him say thank-you, which is polite.

This morning he whispered to the office manager that he wanted to meet with her and then they went behind closed doors so I am sure that he was complaining about me. Too bad. What they gonna do? Scold me for not saying "please" when common etiquette didn't even require that I do so?

ANYWAY. On to happier topics. Bobi tagged me so here I go:
A Few Things Of Which I'd Like To See The Return
1. Leg Warmers
2. Women wearing cool hats like in the 1940's
3. Elvis Presley
4. John Hughes movies
5. the electric organ in music
6. disco-techs
7. real big band dinner theaters like in the classic movies (minus all the smoking people)
8. Buffy, Angel & Firefly to tv & Scrubs (midseason! wtf?)
9. roller skates & roller skating everywhere
10. Bill Clinton as president

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Old people bosses suck.
yea they do and he's an old codger. I'll help you kill him if you pay me :D

just jokin

I've got a great idea!! Lets put a lock on the OUTSIDE of his door and just lock him in when he gets annoying! Yea that's it!
I think leg warmers are coming back in (at least in Canada they are) my daughter is really into striped leg warmers right now, Claires sells them here.
Scrubs owns, I remember going through all 4 seasons like a madman (bought the first 1, had to download the other 3 because they weren't out yet).

My Name is Earl, the show that is Scrub's replacement for now, is really holding its own. Jason Lee and Ethan Suplee are two of my favorite actors.

I think the main reason we get no scrubs now is because Zach Braff is filming some movie with Rachael McAdams..I could be wrong though.

Definitly need some more Scrubs though. One of the best shows on TV.
Got the drop on you with that Chinese business. :P

NICE on the John Hughes movies! Come on over with Ashley sometime, we'll watch Breakfast Club and Weird Science!
Wow, sounds like this issue might be on the forefront of his mind because of his grandkids, but jeez, thats certainly no excuse to have a go at you like that, are you the "nice" girl perhaps? Maybe he thinks he can push you around?
No, I'm not the rude girl, but I'm not the nice one either. I think part of it is that he is nowadays he realizes that a lot of the employees think of him as "an old man" and he hates it. But the guy is 75 years old!
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