Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I Knew The Answer!

Cell phones are not good to try & win radio contests. They take to long to connect and therefore I just keep getting busy signals.

I am sick to death of I get so many freakin spam emails for prescription drugs. I don't need viagra!!

I'm glad my husband isn't home while I'm packing because the more I do, the more aggravated with him I get! He has SO much junk that he just won't get rid of. He's got boxes and boxes of college textbooks that just SIT there collecting dust. He didn't use this in college btw, these are books he's just gathered through the years because "They have valuable information in them". Yes they do. BUT YOU'RE NOT READING THEM!! If he read them all the time, I'd feel differently about them. As it is - I just want them out of my house. I hate having a bunch of stuff taking up precious storage space for no reason.

I want to win free gas for life like those people on The Amazing Race. It cost $48.00 to fill up my Pathfinder today.

Sidenote: Boston Legal was freakin hysterical last night!!

Dane, I found some smileys you might like:

Those are some cool smileys, where you get? Plus I love the new look...I seriously need one...having trouble even finding the avatar I want tho' so a complete overhaul would be hard.

You don't wanna know in CAD what your pathfinder would cost to fill. And in my house? I used to be the one that kept everything (eg. I had EVERY textbook, workbook, etc...from kindergarten on up) I got better tho'.
ah, take the plunge! it's fun to redo your site. i have problems with yours because you've got so much quicktime on it. I get the smileys from here:
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