Friday, October 14, 2005

I Am Super-Buy Girl!

I'm on a super-buy high.

I went to K-Mart today on my lunch hour, just to browse, because I really like the Martha Stewart lines. Well right inside the door they had this huge clearance rack and on it was a bed-in-a-bag that was exactly what I'd been wanting. Now, bed-in-a-bag remember, is 2 shams, bedskirt, comfortor, 2 pillowcases, flat sheet & fitted sheet. It's KING size and I got it for $44.00!! Whoo-Hoo!! That's usually what I pay just for sheets! I'm SO stoked!

I tried to find a picture of the set to post but can't.

My 2 favorite things...Martha and cheap bedding!! Congrats!!

In June I decided to update my bedroom...this would include the bedding. For the last 5 years I had a pale yellow comforter with flowers all over it. It was cute, but I wanted something sexy...or something that didn't remind you of a child. I thought for my birthday I'd go to World Market(a great warehouse store with imported stuff...kind of like pier 1 imports) I thought I'd go for the eclectic bohemian theme. I find an ad in the paper that to my knowledge said they had bedding sets for $99. I get there only to realize that the set of sheets and 1 pillow sham was $99!!!! The comforter was $159 and additional shams were $29! What a friggin scam!! I questioned the innocent girl that was closest to the bedding section and she says "All the bedding is imported from India"...In return I said "little gnomes could have tinkered this together out of unicorn hair and it STILL would not be worth nearly $300!

She was not impressed and did NOT seem to give a damn!!

I'm bored...hense why I'm full of stories tonight!!
Stories are good!

We have a world market here and while I think the products are okay - it seems overpriced. I have very simple tastes anyway - I don't generally go for foreign-styled decorations.

I need a couple of dressers and a nightstand but don't have the funds to get the really nice ones that I want from the big furniture stores so I think I'm going to go with the Martha Stewart set. That's why I actually went to K-Mart - to look at them in person. They are very pretty and sturdy construction for the price (which is pretty darn cheap). The only thing I don't like is the drawers didn't have support underneath so when you pulled them out they kind of flopped down - but perhaps the worker that put them together didn't assemble them correctly?
I absolutely agree!

I do like some of World Markets designs...some of it is too far out! Though it's soo over priced! Plus, 9 times out of 10 you can find something very similar at Walmart!!

Walmart is my guilty pleasure!
Ya know, I hate to go to Walmart but you just can't beat their prices most of the time - so I have to.

(walmart here has HORRIBLE customer service and lOOOOOOOOng lines)
Our Walmarts attract the nuttiest of the crazies, but you're right, you just can't beat the prices! Every time I go, I find a reason to become more and more disgusted with the Walmart empire, but then I see dirt cheap Halloween decorations in the paper, and I throw caution to the wind!

I remember the first one they put in our city...probably like 10 years ago, and it was hella small and the traffic inside that place was like a sweat lodge. Then they built a few new stores and enter 10 years later and we have one on every major intersection! I believe the 11th one is in the construction process as we speak!

I don't like to brag about this, because it does NOT make Omaha, NE any more appealing...but we've got the worlds largest Walmart here. I've never been to it, because it's way out in the boondocks and I'm afraid of the boonies.
lol..why are you afraid of the boonies? World's largest Walmart eh? That's something for Omaha to be proud of!! :)

I heard about a year ago some town in California voted to keep Wal-Mart out of their town because they thought it promoted low-paying jobs. I thought that was interesting.
It's probably right. Walmart does have the power to lower unemployment rates, if only they'd pay more than the minimum wage. Think of how many people they need to run just one store. And they always have job postings in the paper.

I'm afraid to be in a Walmart with them!! Have you any idea what damage they can cause? Especially when Keystone Light beer is on clearance! They WILL run you over if you're in their path! Not to mention people DO NOT bathe, let alone dress appropriately when shopping at Walmart! You don't see grown men walking into Target with poop stained daisy dukes, no shirt allowing their saggy man boobs to hang down, and un-tied construction boots!
It's just wild!!lol
i feel mildly betrayed that you would lower yourself to shopping at k-mart
LOL..michaela - sounds like a photo op! You could start your own regular blog column: "Thing I Saw Today at Redneck Walmart"

Danius: *smack* I like k-mart. It's the same as walmart but without the crowds and long lines! I don't buy clothes at kmart or walmart though. The quality just isn't good enough.
Yes, I too have never bought clothes from Walmart, but it's tempting...With clothes designed by Kathy Lee Gifford and the Olsen twins...Now that is top of the line quality and style.

I wish Lil' Kim would debut a clothing line at Walmart, yes, then I might splurge!
Yes, that is an excellant tip...'Things I Saw At Walmart' I might just do so!
LOL!! You're killing me today Michaela!
Eewwwww..... You shop at those stores?

Call me snobby, but I always feel just a little dirty in those places. I give the sales floor team a lot of shit, but when I got to K/Wal-Mart, I really appreciate Zoning. (Making things straight and orderly) Also, the annoying habit of leaving pallets in the middle of the floor. That's ridiculous.

Glad you saved money, though. That's always a good thing!
You make valid points BOBI! Walmart is dirty, I never enter one without anti-bacterial gel!!
i am not as big a slave to the giant machine that i work at as what it apears bobi and danius are.

i say "shop smart, shop s-mart"
opps i made a mistake. you were at k-mart. they are a cheap imitaion of s-mart. i don't shop there.
I don't see what the big deal is? If I can buy things like toiletries, CD's, frozen food, seasonal decorations, and craft supplies for less than any other store I'm gonna go there!!
You've all got damning evidence on the clothing...and I'll vouch for the fact that their Produce sucks! But I don't even buy those things there.
Yeah, I don't grocery shop there or buy clothing but I buy household items and such there.
I love buying produce from Wild Oats..but it's really over priced b/c it's all organic!
wow, wal-mart must be really different in canda, because it certainly isnt' dirty!?!?! It's an average department store here, not upscale like The Bay or The Gap or something, but I couldn't live without my Wal-Mart, now when it was Woolco. here in canada, yuck, same with towers and I STILL hate Zellers, but Wal-mart is sublime. They keep my kids clothed and happy! I wish I could get a bed in a bag for 44.00, and NOT ugly, help Crystal? That's great, even in Canadian money. I fell all bad now that I'm the only Wal-mart shoppper.....lonely out on this limb...
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