Monday, October 24, 2005

Hubby gave an "oh yeah"

So, not long after I made my post saying my husband isn't very vocal about his female appreciation, someone made him break his silence.

Erica Durance aka Lois Lane on Smallville. When she came walking up the beach in her bikini last episode my husband panted a "DAMN Lois!"

Can't say I blame him. She is pretty hot. I'd do her.


damn, never seen her.
click on the article link I have in my post rowan. there are screencaps in there.
Ugghhhhhhh.... UhhhHHOOOHHHHHH! GURP!

Sorry, was thinking about Erica Durance.
What were we talking about?

Oh, really? Excuse me; I need another twenty minutes or so.
Hey...I just read that TV guide interview with Marti Noxon about how Point Pleasant totally...sucked? But she was saying that either Tim Minear or Drew Goddard or possibly both will be working on a script for an upcoming Spike movie!!! Sqee!!!
Why is Holland always so late with broadcasting series.. GRRRR!! Our Smallville season is: Lex just got home from his plane crash and Perry White visited Smallville..
I want to see the new ones!!
you guys are so lucky to be able to see them already..
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