Monday, October 17, 2005

Hold The Phone!!

Crystal went to a bar.

I repeat, Crystal went to a bar.

It's only been like, 2 years since I went out anywhere. Bethies and I went to the Art Bar Saturday night. We didn't stay long and I only had 1 beer (I was driving) but I did go.

We took pictures but Beth's camera (aka "the world's crappiest digital camera") washed us out. At least you can see our eyes though. *sarcasm* But I think the one I took of Beth with the lights behind her head turned out cool.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Such pretty girls!!
BRIGHT LIGHTS! BRIGHT LIGHTS! I feel like Gizmo, or something. I actually have to look away from the screen, Crystal.

Wow. Tell that chica to get a new camera before all of our retinas get burned.

Glad you had fun at the bar, though!
Well, maybe you need to adjust your monitor settings then 'cause the pics aren't THAT bright on mine.
ummm, wow, crystal? You are making a weird face in that last one....what was making ya do that? Something she said?
she was just pointing the camera at me so I made a face at her. being silly.
She really got a nice shot of the evil left eye!!!

Looks like you ladies had a fun time!
Either you're washed out or both albinos.


Nice drunk face, btw.
just say it was a divine glow showing your true power. or a crappy digital camera. the finesse may be a lie, but it's still finesse.
Tee-hee. You sure are one pale little white girl! :-P
LOL!!!! I Just saw your quote!!!
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