Monday, October 17, 2005


Again with a new template. I still dig the khaki & maroon one, but I also wanted to have a bright, girly one that I could switch it out with. I chose this one because I like the colors, the navigation font and the customization of it.

I still, obviously, have a few things to work out (such as why the sidebar is waaaaaaay down the page) but as of now, my neck & back hurt from sitting at the computer so long and my eyes are dry and burning. So, off to bed I go. Actually, first to the bathroom to brush my teeth - THEN off to bed I go.

Hopefully I'll have all the kinks worked out tomorrow! G'night world!

dont take this wrong but im shouting out to all of bobi and dane's blogger buddies! you are welcome at my place...i'm sorta interesting. and i dig your stuff here. nice template. change is good as long as it's not bad. im half drunk and that sounds good to me.
OHHH I love the groovy new template!!!

Very fun!!

brush hard!
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