Friday, October 28, 2005

Hello, this is my boring life

So last night I did little other than watch Survivor & Smallville.

While it's not the most exciting season of Survivor it's still far superior to any other game/reality show out there. The challenges are extremely creative too. I sooooooooo want Stephenie to win but at this point I'm unable to pinpoint who will be the final three. I'm usually good at that.

Smallville. Well, I'm kinda torn over last night's episode. It had one really fantastic moment that made me laugh, rewind the tape, and watch it again. Chloe is talking on the phone w/ Clark and saying he should get over there right away. Whoosh! All the papers on her desk fly about and then Clark is standing there behind her "What's Up?" LOL!! It was great! Another plus was seeing James Marsters (Dr. Fine/Brainiac) being evil for the first time. Sweet! Of course, he wasn't really evil since he only took down one of Lex's henchmen. The soundtrack was good - it usually is and I actually thought Kristen Kreuk did a good job in this ep portraying the vampire. Although, they were pretty lame vampires. I liked the whole falling down the stairs thing. And I liked her scream when Clark shoved the needle in her chest. The only thing I didn't like: James Marsters dumb line "There's no such thing as vampires." I don't like overly manipulated pieces. You know they just worked him into the scene so they could have him say this one line. Silly. I also just hate Lex and any scene with Lex in it. He's so freaking boring to watch. I didn't like the main vamp being named Buffy Sanders. I could SWEAR they screwed up - the first time we hear her name Chloe said Buffy Saunders but the rest of the show they say Sanders. Anyway, they played as though Chloe named her that to protect identities. Not sure I liked Carrie Fisher as the EIC of Daily Planet. I find her highly annoying. And did she get collagen injections in those lips? There was something else bugging me about this episode but I can't recall right now what it was.

still have never watched, and I really want to....gotta cram time in. James Marsters said THAT!?! LOL
Yeah. I mean, I guess it was kinda cute. It was just so obviously manipulated that it took away from it. Steven DeKnight wrote the episode and he was a writer on Buffy.
you judge to harshly, it was a popcorn episode
are we talking about 'thee' carrie fisher?
the scene of which you speak was actually kinda important wasnt it? it's the one where marsters tells clark about the experiment that is the cause of the "vampires". project 1138 (yet another nerdy reference in the ep- funnier still cause of carrie fisher's presence).
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