Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Gypsies, TRAMPS and Thieves

There's this temp that works for us, actually she is a temp-to-hire, and for some reason the manager really likes her so I'm guessing she's here to stay.

I get a real "druggie" vibe from her and she talks about partying & drinking a lot which to me is just a real no-no at work. I mean, you don't tell your boss about partying, ya know? Anyhow, she evidently takes her kids out with her and has to fight with them constantly on the phone - which is annoying.

She doesn't come in until 9am everyday - perhaps she has worked out a special schedule with the bosses - i don't know. I'm still baffled why some people are expected to stick to the 8-5 hours and others are not.

She just acts strange. And this one I guess you guys will just have to take my word for it because I know I can't properly show you what I mean. She tends to make things a lot more complicated than they are, as far as work goes. I mean, the way she does things on her computer, it's like she's going around her ass to get to her elbow. And she has a bad problem of asking you a question and then continually interrupting you so she never hears your answer. She just won't listen.

Now, she's telling the whole office about how her checkbook was stolen and she's received notices that she is going to be arrested for bad checks. WHY DO YOU WANT TO TELL THE WHOLE OFFICE YOUR PERSONAL BUSINESS?!

She likes to draw attention to me though. I'll be sitting over here minding my own business. I listen to my music in my headphones while I'm working. And you know sometimes I'll be smiling at something funny I'm listening to or I'll giggle over a funny email I received and she always says something like, "Crystal sure is having a good time over there!" or "I wanna know what Crystal finds so funny!" or "There's something wrong with that girl - sitting over there laughing!"

It makes me want to punch her in the nose. I'm serious. It's like she just wants to draw attention to me. Plus, it's just none of her damn business what I'm doing.

update: Just found out from my gossip girls that this temp also had a gas card stolen last week that she claims was stolen by the same person that stole her checkbook. I'm thinking she needs to look at those bad teenagers of hers.

punch her..

*gives you a dolla*
**rolls eyes** You know I feel your pain. She's just trouble, that's all there is to it. Broadcasting her business to the office makes me think she's a con artist, really.
sounds like this woman is making her own bad cheques and gas purchases, I dont know for sure, but I wouldn't trust her, and what's her problem? trying to take attn away from herself? She want your position or something? ooooohhhhh I'd be sooooooo mad at her.
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