Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Angel Video

Have you seen this fan's Angel Music Video? Damn, it makes me hot. I could watch it over and over and over and over and, well you get the point.

It's here.

Recalling one of my favorite Scrubs moments:

Elliot: So is this, like, the best moment you guys have ever had?

J.D. pours himself a bowl of cereal and picks the prize out of the bowl.

J.D.: A decoder ring! Heh.

He continues pouring, and another prize is heard hitting the bowl. He digs it out.


Turk arrives from the other room.

Turk: What?

J.D.: [holding up both prizes] It finally happened!

Turk: [in awe] A double-prizer?

They shout excitedly and bounce bellies.


Turk and J.D. look off in the distance recalling the memory.

Turk: That was awesome.

Carla: You guys realize you're doctors, right?

J.D.: Double secret decoder ring-wearing doctors.

They hold out their fists, displaying their matching decoder rings.

J.D.& Turk: [touching rings] ACTIVATE!

quality baby, you can't force quality out of quantity; the whole computer operated sex toy thing, that don't come out of thin air. But for you, I'll have a post, no...two posts! with pictures.
That ANGEL thing was SO cool. I'm telling all my friends.
I hope all your friends like Angel, otherwise they're gonna be like, "yawn."
I LOVE that Scrubs episode!

Hey, have I said you're hot today?

'Cuz you are. I'm totally not just trying to make Spinning Girl jealous. Nope.

Neither am I raging drunk right now. At all.

Save the whales.
Lets play steak.

Scrubs = Best Tv Show, EvER...

Next to Arrested Development, The Office (NBC), and Firefly of course :P
"Let's Play Steak" - lol! I could go on and on w/ scrubs quotes that crack me up. I bought season 1 on dvd and have thoroughly enjoyed rewatching eps.
that's funny, i realy hsould watch taht show
you won't regret it Rowan. That show is fucking hysterical
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