Monday, October 10, 2005

Ah, My Computer, My Love

I just returned home. Friday night I went to Greenville to be with my husband in our new place. It's amazing how much I missed my computer. Not being able to get on for 2.5 days was just torture.

I seriously gotta get a hobby.

Only 38 days until the release of Goblet of Fire. I must say, the trailers look pretty darn good and I am quite anxious to see Ralph Fienes at Voldemort. I wonder if he'll even remotely resemble himself? If they go according to the book, he won't. But if they don't go by the book they are going to have some seriously pissed off fans so my guess is - they will.

BTW, I've changed my quote.

You know what I love? I love those Geico commercials with the cavemen. I can just think about that caveman saying, "That is reeeally condesending" and I just crack up! I love 'em. But I don't care about Geico.

Today's Wish: that if Joss ever makes a Buffy/Angel movie that Buffy will remember the forgotten day

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seems to me that your computer is your hobby. who knew they were good for anything besides porn?
lol..yeah, i guess you're right. the computer IS my hobby! :)
If Buffy DID remember the forgotten day, I think she would be a bit angry at Angel for making her forget. LOTS of bitterness, there, I'd imagine.

Personally, I would LOVE to see her remember the forgotten day, then make her realize that he didn't do the same for anyone else but her.... including Cordelia.

Awkward! :)
I agree, I think she'd be angry at first for sure.
What do you mean he didn't the same for anyone else? I think the only person he told about it was Doyle and he bit it like, the next episode.
My hobby is porn, and for that I must needs use my computer. Oh, the tangled web my 'nads weave!

As for the Forgotten Day, that was such a cool episode. I bet she'd understand though; Angel's a Champion and all that. We all know she wouldn't have been happy with some normal dude, even if Angel's mind was intact.

Still, it could be an interesting story. I'd really like to see what happens after the end of Angel though; maybe with a few Slayers showing up to help out, although since it's Angel's show they're not as strong as he is. Which always confused me. Why do the super-peoples' strength levels fluctuate so much? Can you asplain, Crystal?
well, the writers say, it changes when they need it to suit the story. So does Angel's strength and tolerance to sunlight.
I moved like 2 months ago, and was without computer resource for about 2 weeks. I went thru withdrawal and everything. By the time my 12-step program was getting to it's conclusion, I got me my internet back!

That Geico commercial about the reality show showcasing the newlywed couple living in the scaled down house for a year...gets me every damn time!!

LOL!! My husband yells that Tony Little line all the time! You can do iiiiit!

It's almost a bit scary, isn't it, how addicted you can become to the internet.
you could Knit,
take up drinking
go watch the northcarolina roller girls

you could paint
learn a new language.....
I have to wait to see HP until, I think until December or even longer :(.. Grrrrrr
Cool post :D. I couldn't be without my computer for 2.5 days either.. 1 day maybe, but not much longer!!!
Ima! Just discovered who you are! :) Good to see you here!!

Karmen, boo! @ having to wait! That stinks!
Crystal and all, I think that forgotten episode is my favourite all time! I have never felt so much emotion watching a tv episode before. Weird huh? Hobbies are overrated. I'm knitting currently and wishing I didn't have to, cause with hobbies: blogging, sewing, knitting, reading, etc. soon after comes committment to them, something I personally hate.
I agree. Completely heartwrenching. It's quite possibly my favorite ep for that couple. Plus they got to have some great sex in it.
Having to wait for/on (don't know which one) HP does suck.
:( grrrrrrrrrr
I love that GEICO commerical too. Never fails to crack me up. That and the poker face Jack commercial. I seriously need to get out. :-|
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