Tuesday, September 20, 2005

That Girl

This post is not for family members and/or any friends who might not want to know TOO much information about me.This is extremely personal.

Last night I was thinking about Christy. Christy was a girl I used to work with. She was tall, blonde, tanned and sexy. She & I slept together. She had a tattoo of a turtle on her pelvis. She loved turtles. It was a singular experience - we were only together the once because, well, several reasons all of which I don't feel like going into. It was just that time in life when I needed something, she needed something and we just happened to be together. Plus there was a tad bit of alcohol involved.

I have never been attracted to another woman since and am not sure I ever will be again. I will say though that that experience was probably the most sensual, exciting experience I have ever had. It was the first time I had an orgasm with another person. It blew my mind.

That has been about 8 1/2 years ago. I rarely think about her or the experience. She moved away not long after that. But last night I relived it in my memory and began to wonder how she is doing. I hope she is well and happy.

Thanks for sharing. It is funny, I had a similar recollection recently about a woman I slept with in Brazil. It was mind blowing, and I always wonder wehat she is doing now.
Hmmm I wouldn't mind having an experience like that, though I've never really found another woman attractive in that way, but that doesn't mean I won't . As you know my first experience with another woman was not very good.
cant say that ive ever had an experience like that, but i can honestly say that i had a friend for a short time and her and i were attracted to one another in a sexual kinda way, didnt feel the need to kiss or consumate,since we both understood it as we were just really happy to be in each others company, if that makes sense.

I had a on again and off again thing with a girlfriend, I often wonder how she's doing now, but she's always been nuts, and I am GLAD I am not in her life whatsoever, I could never have kept up! Still, I wonder if she still lives on the streets, if she got her childhood dream of becoming a prostitute (she thought it sounded like a great living), and if she's ever cleaned herself up. She was my best friend for about 7 years of my life. Shit Crystal, now you've got me all thinking about her....sometime we should share stories :o) I still fantasize about it when I am with my husband, but don't tell him that, ok?
::blinks rapidly::


Ok, seriously, you guys were all kidding about this stuff right? Because (and I don't want to offend anybody here, but I gotta be honest) it's starting to seem like women and sex are becoming intrinsically linked here. Not just in my mind, not in a "men want to have sex" way, but in a "most of the women I talk to have had at least one kind of sex" way, and it's starting to creep me out. There's too much hanky-panky going on here! There's too many women sleeping with men, too many women sleeping with women, and too many men sleeping with men! You guys need to cut it out! Just cut it out!

I slept with Christy AND Rowan at the same time.

It was fun.... Rowan sure is bossy in bed! You don't do something her way, and she blows her top!

Anyway.... I need to get a haircut today.
wow, that was a very personal factoid to share. Unlike SOME people I'll take it for the intense emotional effect. I'm sure we have all had the person we wonder about from time to time
I agree with you dane and Tony shhh! you weren't supposed to tell anyone about that, remember - still trying to make a good impression around here?
Sure, Dane... you're Mr. Maturity. Or was it Mr. Thin-Things-I-Love-Including-Brooke-Burke?

I guess she might be one about whom to wonder. Maybe.
lol @ tony
:) funnier and funnier round here, Crystal, you sure know how to attract us! LOL
Oh, that is SO it. BOBI and Dane are going to start stalking you.

I have a gay friend who's Mom is archly Catholic. Her Mom has tried to get my friend drunk to have sex with a man.

Anyway, that's all I'm sharing regarding THIS topic.
Well, I mean, NOT ALL.

Did you know that in Victorian times it was perfectly acceptable for young ladies to have girlfriends and experiment with them? Moms and Dads thought it was healthy.

I think women are just more open to this kind of thing, because we are more touchy feely and emotional. So sex between women is sometimes more COMpassionate than with men.

I also think a lot more women could admit to this behaviour than not, and that does not make us gay or even bisexual. Have I said enough?
I understand you perfectly. And that Mom, does she think manipulating her daughter is the way to go? That's so weird.
LOL Fritz. I'm beginning to suspect my mom thinks I'm gay and we're very Catholic as well.

Thanks for making me nervous!!
A courageous and touching post. I think many women can relate, including me. Linda, currently living in Gambia.
We all have our skeletons (ladies) in our closets at some point I think. And like Fritz said, doesn't make us bisexual either! We're kinda lucky like that I think.
I'm glad I'm not the only one of us who'se gone over to the other side for a night (or in my case, two).

You rock Crystal, and this is for you.
you so silly!
that was a great post. it says a lot about you to be able to share like that. i think we all wonder about past loves or friends from time to time.

shansu - im impressed. you held your tongue very well.
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