Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Review - Bones & Supernatural

Bones was eh. I didn't like the editing. It was very choppy but sometimes that's simply because the pilots try to pack in a bunch of info. Boreanaz looked hot and his chemistry was pretty good with the female lead. Of course it was no where near the natural chemistry he had with Sarah Michelle Gellar. I loved the lighting - very goldeny. They really played up the female leads bright blue eyes. As far as the plot goes: some interesting concepts but overall it's just another cop show. I don't expect this one to live very long.

Supernatural was very good. It creeped me out enough that there were times when I covered my eyes. It appears as though they had a pretty high budget because it was shot just as well as many teen-horror flicks. Only this wasn't written in a teenage tone. Jensen Ackles is hot as always. All in all, if I remember, I'm in for episode 2. (The pilot airs again on Thurs. for anyone who missed it but wants to see it).

I watched BONES. I was bored most of the time. The plot was predictable and a lot of the stuff they did leaned towards the lame. Oh, and the music sucked ass.

Basically, I only really paid attention when David B. was on the screen...other than that, I was bored.
Thursday, what channel? Fox?
No. Supernatural airs on WB.
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