Thursday, September 08, 2005


I had to go to the dentist today. I had to get 4 fillings. (Isn't that awful?) And they were on both sides of my mouth.

So now, 4 hours after having left his office - my jaws hurt really bad. Why? They had to give me 8 SHOTS to numb my mouth. Left side- no problem. Right side - not having it. It just wouldn't numb. Finally the damn epinephrine (sp?) made me start shaking, my heart started racing and I get a bit drunk feeling in the head. That shit scared me. I was like, "Whoa. No more drugs for me please." It wore off pretty quick thankfully but now my jaw is sore because it's brusied all to hell. I don't even feel like eating because of it. And you know if I don't feel like eating - it must hurt.

Checked out the premiere of Reunion on Fox tonight starring the girl who played Gwen on Angel and Will Estes from American Dreams (damn, he's hot). It was very good. The first few minutes gave me worry the writing was going to suck but it picked up fast and kept a good fast pace for the full hour. At the end I was very ready for the next episode. So that's a good sign.

Never heard of it, what's it about then?
each episode is a different year. in the present time one of group of 6 friends has been killed. they look back over the years to determine who killed the one. they didn't reveal which person was killed. So last night's episode was supposed to be 1986 and it was the summer after they had graduated from high school.
Aw poor Cwystal. I hope you feel better soon!
Wait, so the other five look back over the years?

Sorry about your teeth. That must bite.


How's THAT for a returned pun!?
I hope your teeth are okay by now, and that you can eat everything you want again!! I don't really hate the dentist, but hearing this.. grrrr, dentist...
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