Saturday, September 24, 2005

Craziness To Come

This next week is going to be extremely hectic. It is the last week of the fiscal year for the government which means my already insane boss is going to be even crazier than usual which translates directly into "How can I make Crystal mental?"
In addition to the stress that is my work right now, we will be closing on our new house in Greenville. So the first half of the week will be last minute paperwork and stressing over "did we forget anything?" And the later half of the week worrying over getting the house prepared to move in.
But there is a bright star on the horizon. Actually it's more of a metal, flying thing = Serenity. It opens on the 30th and my friend Beth & I will be waiting in line while all tingly with anticipation. I'm so stoked.
So, while I might not have the proper time to comment, I will be reading blogs in between send out mass solicitations to the military and sanding a hardwood floor.

I can't go without checking on my latest obsession; Dane:
Image hosted by

yess! obsess away! you keep obsessing, I'll keep writing...Do you want to know who dies in serenity?
That's ok, you obsess over him.

I know you want me, more.

dane is really hot, and funny, and hot, and smart, and a good kisser.

i don't obsess over dane, i really don't
Now I'm jealous, DANE don't you be trying to steal my girl!

Hell no Dane, I don't need no stinkin spoilers. My friend, Beth, just told me that Nathan Fillion & Alan Tudyk are in VH1's Best Week Ever this week. That's some pretty awesome promoting there.
Wow, you are moving? How exciting
Who the heck is Dane? Did I miss something? I think I missed something.

Nice pic, by the way. A pic of you checking a blog ON a blog. Very trippy mushroom, baby.
Rowan, Yep! I'm moving to a city about 1.5 hours north of here. I'm nervously excited! :)
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