Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Buffy Party

So, my friend Beth and I have been wanting to find a Buffy meetup group for awhile. I was beginning to wonder if we were the lone Columbia fans. But yesterday the commercial printer (who had seen my Buffy Geek t-shirt) sent me an email saying that I might be interested in this flyer they saw. It was for a Buffy party. So I emailed to get more information. The party's hostess gave me a run-down:
Sat. Oct. 15th 8pm
Buffy Party '05
*btvs karaoke
*btvs trivia
*foosball w/ your favorite btvs characters
*btvs board game
*costume contest (prizes!)
*viewing of "hall 'o buffy"
*even more exciting activities

I'm so excited! A night of all things Buffy. I wonder if my heart can take it!

Dayumn! I might have to start looking for some of this stuff, myself! Not that I'm anywhere near as big a Buffy Geek as some, but it still rocks.

And if you dress up for Serenity, you had better provide pictures. That would be tits.
Sounds like a blast! I'd ask to go with, but I still haven't gotten around to even watching all of season one that you lent me. :( I'm sure someone would end up talking to me about Buffy obviously, and I'd look like a total looser.

Yes take pictures for sure!
Some of my friends and I discussed a Buffy/Angel theme party...but we never got it off the drawing board.

You have to tell us all about it.
Now, why can't we have these things in Canada? Wanna suggest they come visit me? *haha* was it?
Ummm..DUH. Misread that date as SEPTEMBER 15th.
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