Friday, September 30, 2005

Oh Yeah!

You see that little countdown in the lower left column? Yeah, the one that says, "0" days until Serenity comes out?!

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Tonight is the premiere of Smallville. I'm not sure if James Marsters will be in the first ep or not.

And apparantely they are finally going to make Clark & Lana lose their virginity to each other (Yawn).

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

another quiz


Who's your male Buffy soul mate?
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Calling All Gsamsas

What happened to Gsamsa's blog? :(

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Craziness To Come

This next week is going to be extremely hectic. It is the last week of the fiscal year for the government which means my already insane boss is going to be even crazier than usual which translates directly into "How can I make Crystal mental?"
In addition to the stress that is my work right now, we will be closing on our new house in Greenville. So the first half of the week will be last minute paperwork and stressing over "did we forget anything?" And the later half of the week worrying over getting the house prepared to move in.
But there is a bright star on the horizon. Actually it's more of a metal, flying thing = Serenity. It opens on the 30th and my friend Beth & I will be waiting in line while all tingly with anticipation. I'm so stoked.
So, while I might not have the proper time to comment, I will be reading blogs in between send out mass solicitations to the military and sanding a hardwood floor.

I can't go without checking on my latest obsession; Dane:
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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Me & Ashley
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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

That Girl

This post is not for family members and/or any friends who might not want to know TOO much information about me.This is extremely personal.

Last night I was thinking about Christy. Christy was a girl I used to work with. She was tall, blonde, tanned and sexy. She & I slept together. She had a tattoo of a turtle on her pelvis. She loved turtles. It was a singular experience - we were only together the once because, well, several reasons all of which I don't feel like going into. It was just that time in life when I needed something, she needed something and we just happened to be together. Plus there was a tad bit of alcohol involved.

I have never been attracted to another woman since and am not sure I ever will be again. I will say though that that experience was probably the most sensual, exciting experience I have ever had. It was the first time I had an orgasm with another person. It blew my mind.

That has been about 8 1/2 years ago. I rarely think about her or the experience. She moved away not long after that. But last night I relived it in my memory and began to wonder how she is doing. I hope she is well and happy.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Two More New Shows

I caught two premieres tonight.

Nicholas Brendon (Xander) in Kitchen Confidential. That was very good for a pilot. It will be nice to see how well it holds up. I heard Charisma Carpenter was up for Bonnie Sommerville's part - they should have cast Charisma. Nicholas Brendon wasn't featured very much - I sure hope that will change, but what he did was good. John Francis Daley for me is just astounding. I'm always amazed by him and have been ever since Freaks & Geeks. I would seriously crush on him if he weren't only born in 1985. Wait. That makes him 20. He's legal! I can crush all I want and not feel like a total perv. Whoo-Hoo!

Alyson Hannigan (Willow) in How I Met Your Mother. Kinda torn on this one. It made me laugh out loud a few times but the laugh track has gotta go. I don't get it. Don't the execs see the progress and success sitcoms have had with no laugh tracks? Why do they insist on still using them? Let it go already. Anyhow, Alyson Hannigan is absolutely adorable and funny but I am still a tad dissappointed. I mean, you just KNOW she's capable of so much more. Neil Patrick Harris was my favorite. Totally new, crass character for him but I've liked him in everything thing he's done. Yep, I'm adding him to my "nerds i'd do" list.

Zach, Costumes and Bad Case of the Mondays...

Argh Mateys!

Zach Braff & Scrubs lost at the Emmys last night. Which I knew was going to happen but still, it pissed me off.

My friend Bethies says she's going to be Amy for the Buffy party. Amy the girl not Amy the rat. I still haven't found out whether she's going to be blonde or brunette Amy. Anyhow, I'm starting to stress over my costume. I have no idea who to be. Give me some suggestions people!

Someone's got a case of the Mondays. And it's me. It's me. (don't you miss SNL's cheerleaders?)

I watched the top 10 of CMT's 100 Best Duets. That was pretty awesome. Gotta say I love me some duets, especially the ones from the 70's. The 70's just made the best music - a mix between the traditional real instruments and the new electronic sounds. Wonderful.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sweet Dog Love

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

hA hA hA

Saw a shirt that made me laugh:

"I had superpowers but my therapist took them away."

Buffy Party

So, my friend Beth and I have been wanting to find a Buffy meetup group for awhile. I was beginning to wonder if we were the lone Columbia fans. But yesterday the commercial printer (who had seen my Buffy Geek t-shirt) sent me an email saying that I might be interested in this flyer they saw. It was for a Buffy party. So I emailed to get more information. The party's hostess gave me a run-down:
Sat. Oct. 15th 8pm
Buffy Party '05
*btvs karaoke
*btvs trivia
*foosball w/ your favorite btvs characters
*btvs board game
*costume contest (prizes!)
*viewing of "hall 'o buffy"
*even more exciting activities

I'm so excited! A night of all things Buffy. I wonder if my heart can take it!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Review - Bones & Supernatural

Bones was eh. I didn't like the editing. It was very choppy but sometimes that's simply because the pilots try to pack in a bunch of info. Boreanaz looked hot and his chemistry was pretty good with the female lead. Of course it was no where near the natural chemistry he had with Sarah Michelle Gellar. I loved the lighting - very goldeny. They really played up the female leads bright blue eyes. As far as the plot goes: some interesting concepts but overall it's just another cop show. I don't expect this one to live very long.

Supernatural was very good. It creeped me out enough that there were times when I covered my eyes. It appears as though they had a pretty high budget because it was shot just as well as many teen-horror flicks. Only this wasn't written in a teenage tone. Jensen Ackles is hot as always. All in all, if I remember, I'm in for episode 2. (The pilot airs again on Thurs. for anyone who missed it but wants to see it).


Fox premieres David Boreanaz's new show Bones tonight. It looks boring to me, but I'm gonna check it out anyway because he's hot as hell.

BTW, did you guys see the picture of me & Angel in the bottom right hand corner?

Monday, September 12, 2005


This morning I was telling my Hubby how Beth & I were pissed we missed Slayercon in Knoxville. I laughed and told him I think I'm becoming a geek.

He looked at me sardonically and said, "Honey you are a geek. Just not a flashy geek."

I said "Well maybe I'll dress up for the Serenity opening then."
He just shook his head.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

My Friend's Mad Photo Skills

I was feeling a bit down this afternoon and I vented on a friend. To make me feel better she used her "mad photo skills". Isn't this the most awesome? I expect the NY Museum of Art will soon be contacting me to ask for permission to display it.

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Thursday, September 08, 2005


I had to go to the dentist today. I had to get 4 fillings. (Isn't that awful?) And they were on both sides of my mouth.

So now, 4 hours after having left his office - my jaws hurt really bad. Why? They had to give me 8 SHOTS to numb my mouth. Left side- no problem. Right side - not having it. It just wouldn't numb. Finally the damn epinephrine (sp?) made me start shaking, my heart started racing and I get a bit drunk feeling in the head. That shit scared me. I was like, "Whoa. No more drugs for me please." It wore off pretty quick thankfully but now my jaw is sore because it's brusied all to hell. I don't even feel like eating because of it. And you know if I don't feel like eating - it must hurt.

Checked out the premiere of Reunion on Fox tonight starring the girl who played Gwen on Angel and Will Estes from American Dreams (damn, he's hot). It was very good. The first few minutes gave me worry the writing was going to suck but it picked up fast and kept a good fast pace for the full hour. At the end I was very ready for the next episode. So that's a good sign.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I have great friends

How awesome is it that my friend Remy sent me a Buffy lunchbox for my birthday?!


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Sunday, September 04, 2005


Today is my birthday! Whoo hoo! I'm gonna eat cake and not feel guilty at all about it!

I'm 28 today. Starting to really hit "adult" stage. Should I be acting more like an adult?

Friday, September 02, 2005


I lost the battle, but won the war - so I guess that's a good thing right? I just wish I could've won both.

I convinced my boss that our company must get a new logo because we didn't have graphic files of our old one and it was outdated anyway. I hired a company for our new design and I'm pleased with it. But the choices were between the deep red (which was our old logo color) and green. I wanted the green but alas, people hate to change so red it is.

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

I'm Begging

Someone please buy me this for my birthday.

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